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  1. cdanteek Somehow I am losing you with my descriptions. First, forget I mentioned doing a hardware test on a Windows XP computer, it is causing you to think I plugged the dongle into the computer first WITHOUT first installing the software off of the installation disk. You asked me if the device was working or was it dead or defective or not. To confirm if it was a dead device or not, I plugged it into another computer just to test if it was a go or no go. I chose a random computer in my possession that happens to have Windows XP on it, was not intending to install the software or use that computer, it was just simply used as a go or no go test to confirm if the dongle still worked or not. It did. Now let's strike any mention of it, as it is confusing you. Now, on to the computer I wanted the dongle to work on (Hewitt Packard with Windows 10 64 bit.) YES! I INSTALLED the software FIRST before plugging the dongle into the USB port. The trouble was the device was not being recognized at all, not even in device manager, not anywhere, every attempt I made to get the USB capture device to show up or be a selectable audio device failed. My computer just would not acknowledge it had the Roxio USB capture device plugged into a USB port. I uninstalled and reinstalled the contents of the installation disk and still the device was not being recognized by my computer. YES I only plugged the Roxio USB capture device in, after the software was installed FIRST. I put that device back on my older Dell computer to which it was already installed on and it work on that computer as well. When I bought this new Hewitt Packard i8 processor computer, I wanted to switch that Roxio USB capture device to my new computer since it was more powerful than my Dell. But it would not and could NOT be recognized on this new computer no matter what I did with software or hardware settings. This is where I purchased Easy VHS To DVD 3 from a local Walmart store, in store, first asking store employees if the dongle did not work on my computer can I simply return it for a full refund. I was told yes. I have the receipt from the store dated February 3 2020. That is the date I bought Easy VHS To DVD 3 That photo you asked be about that I posted earlier of the VHS TO DVD 3 package is the exact one I purchased, that is a photo I took with my camera of my package, that is not a stock photo I used in that post. Once the software was installed, I plugged the device into the USB port AFTER the software was installed----NOT BEFORE. The Easy VHS To DVD 3 software was an exact duplicate of Easy VHS To DVD 1 (my original software) Meaning both video and audio editing programs were exactly alike in window layout, just different versions. Now, I realize this package is for capturing videos from video tape machines (VHS Video tape) I use it for AUDIO editing ONLY. (No video editing) I use it to digitalize my vinyl record albums. I only use the RED and WHITE RCA jack inputs of the USB dongle. I also use it to edit music files that have already been created by other people. I run an internet radio station on line and get many music files sent to me for airplay consideration by artists. I only use 320kbps MP3s, because I can add TAGS to the output files that help my RDS software tell my listeners what song is playing and by which artist. .wav files do not allow TAGS that my software reads, so I convert everything to 320kbps MP3s. Now that I hopefully have explained, what I use the software for, you can understand the importance that my software recognizes mp3s. When I had Roxio VHS To DVD 3 software installed and I went to select an mp3 file from a folder full of MP3s, using the (Add Audio File) option in the "Sound Editor" side menu, it showed the folder as being completely empty. If there were a few .wav files in that same folder, they would show up as being there, but none of the mp3s in that same folder showed up. I also could not take a .wav file and output it as an mp3 file, the option just was not there! Now, there is a file on Roxio's website called http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/isum/vhstodvd/vhstodvd_sp3_to_88a.exe I installed that file and my software still did NOT recognize MP3 files, nor allow me to out-put an audio file to an MP3 file format. Now for the PLUS version I have. That software package was downloaded from Roxio's official website. That link was included in an official email sent to me from Roxio. I downloaded the installer and it told me to keep a backup of the software somewhere for future use in case something goes wrong. Sorry, it might be a private link and making it public might not be legal, so I can not share the URL to download Roxio VHS To DVD Plus. Pictured below are that of SOUND EDITOR included with Easy VHS To DVD Plus This time I included a picture of the Software version. I am hoping I have not continued to confuse you. I actually purchased Easy VHS To DVD 1 and Easy VHS To DVD 3, the Easy VHS To DVD Plus version was emailed to me by Roxio, with a link to their website to download the executables. The last photo shows a screenshot of that email with the link removed. Bruce.
  2. Hello all sorry for not getting back to this post. Here is the deal, I bought the original Roxio Easy VHS TO DVD software several years ago, I mostly used "Sound Editor" which came bundled with Easy VHS To DVD to record my vinyl records to my computer, because the included USB dongle does not load down my audio card like plugging a mixing board into the soundcard audio line input port does. It worked flawlessly for years on an old Dell Windows 10 32 bit computer. Now, I have upgraded to a Hewitt Packard Windows 10 64 bit based computer. The USB dongle was not recognized like it was on the Dell computer in device manager. I created a topic here in a different forum topic asking why it is not being recognized on my new computer. I even went into the computer's BIOS and enabled legacy devices, still no luck. The USB device did show up automatically in device manager of an old Windows XP computer I plugged it into, even without installing the software included on the disk, but not on the Windows 10 64 bit computer. I decided to purchase Easy VHS To DVD 3 I included a picture of the box and disk below. This package's USB dongle device was recognized by my Hewitt Packard Windows 10 64 bit computer. In device manager, it placed two entries for this device. Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be when working properly, unlike its predecessor Easy VHS To DVD 1. The reason I created this topic was because the new software did not recognize MP3 files, which is what I edit and output my finished output files as. It recognized other files though. I do audio editing for an Internet radio station, most of the submitted music file formats I get submitted to me are in MP3 format and we use 320 kbps mp3s with our automated music software because MP3s allow proper metadata for our software to display on our Internet stream, .wav files do not allow this type of metadata within the files. So it was important for the new software to support MP3 format, which it wasn't. I also downloaded and installed a file from Roxio's website that was Roxio VHs To DVD SP to 88a.exe After installing that file, my software still did not recognize mp3s. Strangely enough, although my new software removed Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1 from my computer upon installation, I was able to reinstall Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1 without it uninstalling Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3. It also allowed both versions of the software 1 & 3 to recognize mp3 files. That's right you read that correctly, upon installing the original copy of Easy VHS TO DVD 1 software did not uninstall Easy VHS To DVD 3, but it added mp3 support to it. Naturally both pieces of software installed in a different program folder on my computer, one being Easy VHS To DVD and the other folder EASY VHS To DVD 3. Recently, because both copies of my software are legally purchased and registered with Roxio, I got an email from Roxio with a link to download Roxio Easy VHS To DVD Plus. I followed the link and downloaded the software from their legit website, I installed it on my computer. Of course it decided to over write my original copy of Easy VHS To DVD 1. Upon opening "Sound Editor" I did not like the new design and layout. They put this big menu area on the right side of the window, which can not be resized to make the actual track properties windows like the old software. Below I attached a picture of the original "Sound Editor" window versus the plus version of the software for comparison. I like the original version, as it is easier for me to work on the clip if I want to add to it or strike out a cuss word from an unedited track I get submitted to me for use on my Internet radio station. I think the right side of the track editing window of the Plus version should allow resizing, so the track edit area can be made wider like the original version. (See my pictures included below showing the difference between the two versions) By the way, the new dongle from Easy VHS To DVD 3 does work with the original Easy VHS TO DVD 1 software as a selectable audio device in the properties for capture devices, so that is a plus. Now as for the Easy VHS To DVD 3 software, I was curious why the owners manual mentioned editing mp3's but it was not possible for me to select an mp3 under add file nor could I output a music file as an mp3 file. I still do not know why that was the case and reinstalling that software still did not add mp3 support like as if some software or plugin was not included on the disk. Now here is where I am at here, I still use Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 1, because it supports mp3 file format, it works well with the dongle that came with Easy VHS To DVD 3 and I like the track editing area better than Roxio Easy VHS To DVD Plus. I will continue to keep Roxio Easy VHS TO DVD Plus on my computer in case I find the video editing software is better than the original, however, my main purpose of having the software is not to edit videos, but to record music onto my computer from cassettes and vinyl records using the USB dongle. Below are the screen shots of the two different software's, Easy VHS To DVD 1 Sound Editor and Easy VHS To DVD Plus Sound Editor and the packaging of Easy VHS To DVD 3 the software I am not longer using because of lack of mp3 support, but at least the included USB dongle works on my Windows 10 64 bit Hewitt Packard computer. Bruce.
  3. So that you know the difference between the two, point is to resolve my original problem, I purchased VHS TO DVD 3, which includes a newer dongle and newer software, because my Windows 10 64 bit OS or motherboard did not recognize the hardware of the original package, so I bought a newer package. Now, This dongle is recognized by my computer, but, it adds two entries into device manager. See my two photos below to see the two entries and the driver associated with it. Even if I uninstall one, it reappears upon system boot up. Second issue is, my original software could see or create an MP3 files, this copy of the software does not recognize mp3 files, it can see or create any other audio file, with the exception of mp3. Because of this, I can not edit mp3s in sound editor, which is part of the VHS TO DVD software. A crazy little trick I tried which worked, was installing VHS TO DVD 1 on top of VHS TO DVD 3, which originally removed VHS TO DVD 1 upon installation. It created a new folder in my programs folder, but it enabled VHS TO DVD 3 sound editor to see and edit mp3s, which I find strange. Now, looking at VHS TO DVD 3's user manual, it says I can edit any audio file, including mp3's, but without my little trick I mentioned above, the software does not have mp3 support, you can not add a audio file or export one as an mp3. Now mind you, Easy VHS To DVD 3 has an update software option under the help tab, it downloads a file and this is a link to that file. http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/isum/vhstodvd/vhstodvd_sp3_to_88a.exe I installed that sp3 to 88a.exe and rebooted system, still even with that software update, no mp3 support. See, I edit music for radio station use and the supported files we use are 320kbps mp3s, so it is important that sound editor recognizes mp3s. See my 3rd photo that is sound editor included in Easy VHS To DVD. When I use the feature to ADD AUDIO FILE to which I have squared and an arrow pointed towards it, I should be able select and choose an mp3 file as an option, however, the software does not recognize or see any files under the mp3 file extension, it will show the folder as empty. Again, the users manual says the software supports mp3 files both loading and exporting as such. I mostly use this software package for music creation (dubbing off of vinyl record LPs) and editing, so I mostly use Roxio's sound editor, not the video recording part of the program. So my question is does Easy VHS To DVD 3 support mp3 files and if so, what is missing that mine can not see or create mp3s? Bruce.
  4. What has changed is I am no loner using the older USB dongle, this is a brand new purchase, you linked to my older topic to which I was using the original first release of the software and hardware here is the software info screen shots, as you can see this is not the software nor hardware I posted about previously, that was Build 201B23A ENU, this package is Roxio Easy VHS TO DVD 3 NOT version 1. If you look back on that other topic, the screen shots in that other post do not say Easy VHS TO DVD 3, this is a different software and USB dongle pack. Here to make it easy I edited in the screen shot showing the older software to which I have upgraded from in the bottom picture so you can see this is not the same software nor USB dongle. See the last photo showing the older dongle and the one I am currently using now. Hope this helps for you to better understand. If I was having issues with the original software and dongle I would not have created a new post, trying to be clear as possible here, this post has nothing to do with the original problem as this is a totally different version of EASY VHS TO DVD and different dongle
  5. Hello, had issues with my Windows 10 Home 64 Bit not recognizing the USB dongle of the original first release of Easy VHS to DVD. I created a topic here about it: To hopefully solve my problem, I purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3, turns out the dongle with this package is recognized and works on my PC, but there are two issues with this package. Issue number one, unlike its predecessor, is there is no MP3 support what so ever! I even did the software update here: http://softwareupdates.roxio.com/isum/vhstodvd/vhstodvd_sp3_to_88a.exe still no MP3 support, keep in mind this is not the PLUS version. Second annoyance is having two instances of the device showing up in device manager as seen here If I uninstall one of the two, the device still works, but upon a system boot up of the operating system, both show up again, like you see above. There is only one device plugged into the USB port, not two Is the Easy VHS to DVD 3 software supposed to support mp3's? The manual mentions mp3 as supported files, but my copy can neither see or create an mp3 files. Also, is it normal to have two instances showing up in device manager like you see in my screen shot? Bruce.
  6. That I do agree, but it still baffles me how a device is recognized in Windows XP without installing any drivers, works in Windows 10 32Bit OS, but on this system, isn't even showing up as an unknown device. That is what is baffling the heck out of me! As I stated, if the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 uses the same dongle firmware, I might be stuck with another non working piece of hardware. Returning it would be a pain. By the way, thanks for your input so far. Bruce.
  7. Interesting part is I entered my BIOS and seen Legacy support was disabled, figured changing that would work, went back into windows 10, uninstalled everything except for Easy VHS To DVD and put the installation disk back in and choose (Repair) It did it's thing and I rebooted the system. Then I put the USB video capture device in the USB port hoping it would work. Sadly, still no new device showing up and even tried searching for new devices again, the USB device did not show up as an option. I must assume the motherboard BIOS must be ignoring this device for some reason, with these new secure motherboard BIOS firmware, it is probably being blocked or ignored somehow. Bruce.
  8. Sorry for the over-sight to answer your question about other devices in device manager. Here is a screen shot. This is with the Roxio Capture USB device plugged in.
  9. I know I am doing multiple posts here. I want to put emphasis on this package I have is LEGACY, it's not Easy VHS To DVD 3. So far I have tried everything, what confuses me, is to plug the USB device into a computer to which nothing Roxio is installed on and the USB device shows up in Device Manager as ' USB 2861 Device' confuses me as to why it won't show up on this computer. Plugging a thumb drive into the USB port, works, plugging a PS3 controller into the USB port, works. Plugging anything into the same USB port works. Now my USB ports are 3.0, whether that is the issue or not I do not know. All my other computers are 2.0 USB. Now let's say I upgrade to Roxio VHS to DVD 3 package, will that USB device also be stuck on 2.0? I really can not understand why a piece of USB hardware won't work. The problem is not software related, it's hardware related and perhaps the firmware in the USB capture device does not know how to function under USB 3.0
  10. Now here is the folder the program is installed in. I showed the contents of the 64Bit folder (just in case that other folder in my last post is the wrong software.)
  11. Ok I checked a few things out. I found a folder called Video Capture USB below are various screen shots pertaining to that folder. See images below, now here is the contents of the .INI file, the one that tells the program how to install. (Please do keep in mind I have Windows 10 Home edition X64 all updates are updated and current. ;============================================================================ ; English Setting.ini ;============================================================================ [Const] DeviceIDNum=3 DevDrvID0=USB\Vid_1B80&Pid_e302&Rev_0100&MI_01 DevDrvID1=USB\Vid_1B80&Pid_e304&Rev_0100&MI_01 DevDrvID2=USB\Vid_1B80&Pid_e305&Rev_0100&MI_01 SetupVistax64Path=Empia\Vista_x64 SetupVistax64Exe=SetupDrv.exe SetupVistax86Path=Empia\Vista_x86 SetupVistax86Exe=SetupDrv.exe SetupXPx64Path=Empia\XP_x64 SetupXPx64Exe=SetupDrv.exe SetupXPx86Path=Empia\XP_x86 SetupXPx86Exe=SetupDrv.exe SilenceMode=1 ; ; For Empia 2860/2880 device to install Microsoft Audio Hotfix EnableAudioClass=1 EnableXPAudioClass=1 EnableAudioVol=1 DelAudioRegKey=0 DelAudioRegKeyMessage=1 EnableTimer=1 WaitTimer=500 AnotherAPNum=1 AnotherAPVistax64Exe0=Windows6.0-KB933262-v2-x64.msu AnotherAPVistax86Exe0=Windows6.0-KB933262-v2-x86.msu AnotherAPXPx64Exe0= AnotherAPXPx86Exe0= SetupTitle=SetupDrv NoSetupPath=The driver of this version does not support this operating system. RePlugin=Please Re-Plugin the USB device on your computer, otherwise, the USB device maybe can't work well.
  12. Here is my hardware and disk. I did not include the part that has the S-Video, RCA video and L/R audio input ports, that part should not have anything to do with the USB device being recognized.
  13. Ok it appears when attempting to run that program, even as an administrator I get this notice. Also included is a screen shot of my audio properties.
  14. Yes I have tried it in several different USB ports to which work with other USB devices. My device is the one pictured on the left side of your photo, it has a detachable pigtail USB cable that came with it, plugging just the Video Capture USB device without the pigtail into the USB port, still does not work. The service Pack package you linked to, I have already tried because when I clicked your link above, it gave me a file called vhstodvd_sp3_to_88a (1) which indicates it has already, previously been, downloaded and I ran it already, but I tried it again and there was no difference from the first attempt. Here is a screen shot of my device manager with just the USB dongle (Minus the USB pigtail cable extension) in the USB port. It is pressed in as far as it will go. Worked fine with a test on an older Windows XP 32Bit Dell computer USB port. It showed up as 'USB 2861 Device' in XPs device manager, as you can see below no 'USB 2861 Device' listed. (oh, to keep you on track I still have and used the original installation CD that came with my capture device, it installed the software and I entered my valid product key and the software install went flawlessly and loads when executed.) (See my screen shot of my software loaded on screen and the version number below)