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    MP3-CD and Roxio 2010

    Thanks for the reply. I have tried the method that you mentiond and there are times that it works just as you said. However I have found that when I have a book that has 7 or 8 CD's. Sometimes I get errors after having loaded 4 or 5. So now I rip them to folders by themselves. Then when I select create a audiobook I import them in order from files. I add the Art work and convert. This has been working very well. I have even figured out how to rename the tracks on some of the CD's when it gets them wrong. However, When I am doing the "RIP" I use the browse down at the bottom and select a different folder for each CD. Even though it will put the information ripped in this folder. It does not show it on the browse line. I do this as I have not figured out how to organize the tracks within the folder that it creates. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 tracks all called 01. I find that if I put them into a seperate named folder then I know how to get them into order for the audiobook. The MP3 CD books I have come from barnes and noble and they do not say the are copyrigt protected. They are just MP3 CD's . I can use windows explorer to get to them. Thats why I am wondering about roxio.
  2. I have several audio books that I have purchased. (Dean Koontz "Breathless". These are MP3-CD's. I want to transfer them to my Ipod. I open roxio and do "Rip" but screen show me nothing. Is there some setting that I am suppose to change to see these files? Also why on Rip if you go down to the bottom and browse to a new folder to put your audio in. Why doesn't the screen change and show you your correct path? I know roxio 2010 has the ability to ready and go directly to a audiobook. I have tried that on on several occassions it gets 2 or 3 cd into it and errors out. That is why I put them to my pc first and them use the audiobook create.