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  1. I've been using Popcorn 1.x until today, when I bought a new ipod touch. I purchased popcorn 3 two years ago (ok, I'm a bit slow, but v1.x worked just fine for me) and installed - and updated - it today. I still have v1.x in my Applications folder. Now I want to put a movie on my ipod. Using the manual that came with the software (p 18) I did: 1. Step 1 launch and drag Video_TS folder. OK 2. Click Copy button. OK 3. Choose a device. NOT OK There is no device choice when I click o n the Copy button. the ONLY choice that shows up in the popdown menu is my DVD burner. Clearly, I'm missing something. So at the moment I'm burning a DVD. BTW, encoding is taking forever. I just want to get the movie onto the ipod I already have it on DVD.