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  1. iMac i5 Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD Handycam (30Gb HDD) Roxio Toast 10.0.5 Titanium Have not yet received a response from Roxio Customer Support so hopefully I can get help from this forum. My Handycam HDD is full. I purchased Toast primarily because of its advertised feature of "Archiving AVCHD Video from your Camcorder" as a backup prior to editing video (probably via iMovie 09). Toast recommended 4 x DVD DL disks which I had ready to burn. At the next stage Toast came up with the "error" message: "Only 98 movies or slideshows can be written. Please remove some items". I guess that Toast has read the approx. 300 to 400 individual clips on my Handycam as individual movies. Apart from deleting my valuable movies directly from the camera I cannot see any other way of "removing some items". Others have had the same issue. See: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...&pid=279048 In this case the person gave up and resorted to a Canon Archive solution. Only 98 clips is very limiting (if not useless) for an archive feature. Why is Roxio marketing a feature that does not appear to work? Has anybody found a way around this using Toast?