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  1. It seems that Mac OS sees the built in iSight as a USB device; the RCA-jack-to-Easy-VHS converts the DV camera to a USB camera (NOT using the camera's USB adaptor but the AV jack which is a mini-to-RCA cable). macam and VideoViewer don't recognize my DV cam, only Easy-VHS does. The same setup works like a charm on a PC - I use a DV camera as a live viewer without using Firewire but it seems on the Mac while USB web cams may work, trying to achieve the same with a DV cam through Easy-VHS won't.
  2. I've connected Easy VHS on Window successfully to act as a live viewer using the AV output on a DV camera connected using the RCA jack. The camera works in Skype and also using a freeware viewer, Split Cam. I also have a Mac version (though the adaptor I understand is the same as the PC version) but cannot use the camera other than through the Easy VHS app. I tried Video Viewer to no avail, iChat does not recognize the DV camera, only the built in iSight camera. The DV camera does not have firewire. Anyone know of an app that will allow me full screen live view using the DV camera? Thanks.