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    Videowave 4 audio troubles

    First of all, thank you very much for the reply. Well, I have found them they all play in Windows media, I found them buy trying to rename the files. But they should be in the capture folder, and they are not. For some reason, when I try to add files and add them, that doesn't work either. I'm not sure what you mean on finding preferences, could you elaborate a little more?
  2. Hello, This is my first post and I hope someone can help, last resort. Anyway, I purchased a DVC 80 a few months ago. Worked fine, had some trouble somewhere, tried to uninstall and reinstall because of audio problems. My audio files show up as question marks and will not play. Also, after I record a video file, then go to audio studio, the audio files will not show up, but when I play the file, it does record the audio. I have also downloaded my program on an older laptop, and everything works correctly the way it did on my newer laptop. Older laptop don't have enough memory to rercord alot of video files. I also cleared out all the files under regedit also, no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks