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  1. Roxio worked swell until about 6 months ago; when Windows (10) "Migrated" my USB devices on March 6, 2021....
  2. No; doesn't capture the video; although I see the video in the capture screen..... When I delete the USB 2861 line; it tells me I don't have enough controller USB resources.... So I checked regedit. While there are numerous Roxio Video Capture USB entries; there's ALSO numerous USB 2861 Device entries.....
  3. Under "Sound, video and game controllers" I've got two entries: Roxio Video Capture USB and USB 2861 Device. I've un-installed both lines, unplugged the Roxio device, ran Roxio repair, booted computer, and plugged in the Roxio device; and the same thing comes up.
  4. Jeff Schroeder

    Hp Label Print Color Changes?

    Turns out the printer was (&()& software or something; I put 'new' ink cartridges in -- the software read them as full. As a last straw i changed out the 'new' ink cartridges with another set of 'new' ink cartridges - all is well.....go fi(n)gure........ripped out and installed all software; ripped out and installed the printer; and the whole problem was the printer couldn't/wouldn't report status of 'new' ink cartridges.....that was *fun*...........*ANYWAY* -- it works................
  5. Jeff Schroeder

    Hp Label Print Color Changes?

    Not roxio (or windows) Loaded 2010 pro onto the other computer; same problem. Ergo two different label creators on two different windows 7....... Off to HP land..................
  6. Jeff Schroeder

    Hp Label Print Color Changes?

    Email me It's in the printer, or Label Creator (I think....=) I'm using printable disk in the HP-C309-A which has a disk print drawer. Label creator prints correctly on standard paper; but not correctly onto the printable disk loaded into the disk print drawer; the 'black' is changed to almost sky blue. Coincidentally; label creator displays some updated *.dll and *.ax on Sep 16 - about when I noticed this. Maybe coincidence.
  7. Jeff Schroeder

    Hp Label Print Color Changes?

    Roxio 2011 Pro; Label Creator Just started happening a week ago. All of a sudden all my *black* (text, background) is now a light blue -- ONLY on the cd/dvd labeler (using printable dvd;) the label prints out fine on standard apaper. weird. Worked fine 2 weeks ago; haven't changed anything (as far as I know....=)
  8. Jeff Schroeder

    Label Maker Print To Disk

    This worked just perfect fro me (HP309A); Thanks a bunch!
  9. Jeff Schroeder

    Sound Soap

    Worked Great! Thanks for the help.
  10. Jeff Schroeder

    Sound Soap

    I have a large avi file; contains the transport / tape noise from an old Hi-8 tape video recorder. In Sound soap SE 2.2 (came with Roxio Pro); When I "Open Media File" (*.avi) I get an Invalid File error message "Failure on avi splitter pin enumerator"....... Hmmm, I really don't want to use the Roxio sound editor as it removes too much real sound (high school choir concert) Ideas? Windows 7 64 bit AMD Athlon II x 4 (620) 2.6G 4 gb super talent 1 tb sata 250 gb sata sata dvd writer (x2) BFO video card (512Mb ddr2) - Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS driver Windows media player -- latest version (11?).....DirectX is at version 11. hopefully a flash drive video recorder in the near future to ( likely) get rid of the doggone problem in the first place........
  11. Jeff Schroeder

    Do Not Buy Easy VHS to DVD

    2010 works great; haven't found anything better or easier. The thing about running side-by-side. Maybe with some systems, others not. I was running creator 2010 - and did not have any capture device for VHS. Bought VHStoDVD (with the usb adapter) knowing the usb would allow VHS capture, and thinking the software *may* provide some additional tools. Installation of VHS-DVD forced removal of creator 2010. When I reinstalled creator 2010 it forced the removal of VHS-DVD. So those two programs (at least in this instance) won't run on the same computer. I kept the usb adapter, am running creator 2010 as it has the more overall capabilities.