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    Visual C++ runtime error

    And even doing what little I did has mucked up Norton and one other application - both of which started up at runtime. You cannot afford to follow these instructions if you don't understand what you are doing.
  2. spock999

    Visual C++ runtime error

    Sorry. It just annoys me so much! I followed the link. The first item describes the first problem (Runtime error on start up). I tried the msconfig and disabled RoxWatchTray - CommonSDK was not present. RoxHardDrive Watcher was not present on the services tab. Clicked OK. This has stopped the runtime error but increased the frequency with which the installer pops up. I have not tried to put it back to where I was. The next stage is the clean install and I have no intentions of playing with msconfig any more and especially not editting the registry. I am not a techie and don't understand what I am doing. From previous experience, I just have no trust in the instructions posted by manufacturers when they involve doing this sort of thing.
  3. spock999

    Visual C++ runtime error

    Well that made it worse. The runtime error has gone but I now get the reinstall request every time I start the computer. I am afraid that is the end for Media Creator 8. If I can't solve the problem without the draconian measures given for clean reinstall, then I am not going to do it. I had all sorts of issues after the last time I followed a manufacturers instructions to do this and it is just not worth it.
  4. Just joined. Had difficulty while doing so and I a now shown in the wrong time zone should be UK london time. Not sure hiow to change it . Please advise

  5. Having installed Media Creator 8 - following a complete reinstall of Windows XP pro (due to a disc problem) - I get a runtime error on startup. "Program: ....es\Common Files\Roxio Shared\COM8\RoxWatchTray.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for details" Afterwards when I use some applications I keep getting windows installer come up to try to Reinstall Media Creator 8. Of course it doesn't help as it wants to do it again next time. Any ideas as it is very frustrating. It all worked OK before but then it had been installed for a long time and the various updates to the system had happened over a period of time.