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    Photoshow Public Channel

    I just went to Roxio this weekend and signed up for premium membership and download the current Photoshow software. I created my current photoshow this Sunday. i was able to burn a DVD and then I tried on several occasions to get it to upload to my personal page. I am not sure what type of membership I had the last time but my wedding photoshow had over 400 photos and it worked great. Everyone that we wanted to view the wedding photoshow on my public channel did so last year and I burned a copy. I had not logged onto the site until this weekend. I would guess it has been a year and half since I logged in. I am currently at lunch and when I get home tonight I will try to create a small photoshow of a dozen or so pictures and see what might happen. If you look at my link from the previous post you will see my star next to my name indicating premium membership. Again, Thanks for the time.
  2. 2cantu

    Photoshow Public Channel

    No, I don't have the older version. I had a total system crash last Thanksgiving.
  3. 2cantu

    Photoshow Public Channel

    I have the same version and build number.
  4. 2cantu

    Photoshow Public Channel

    The link is from an old photoshow from a year and half ago. I never used it after my daughters wedding. Yesterday I signed up for premium membership and downloaded photoshop 6. I don't use a computer often so I am not sure how to get the version and build number. I right clicked on properties but could not see any version number?? Could having an old memembership cause this issue. I click on the link for "my channel" and I see the wedding photoshow pointing to my computer but the "public channel" now shows zero photoshows but when I click on my name under "public channel" it shows one photoshow. I burned the photoshow first then I clicked 'Post to my member page" I also clicked on "Post and email". The person I sent the email to last night still has not received it. Thanks for your help!
  5. 2cantu

    Photoshow Public Channel

    This is my first time using a help forum, so I hope I state my issue the correct way. I did a photoshow with just over 250 pictures and I was able to burn a DVD but I wanted to also save it out on the public channel so several people that I email could also see the show. My problem is the photoshow is not showing up. The web page showing my public channel states that I have 1 photoshow but I do not see it on the page. Again, I am a newbie so be nice if it something really stupid My link http://www.photoshow.com/members/lcantu/all Thanks