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    Back on Track 3 Suite

    Again many thanks All best Roger
  2. Retired Oldie

    Back on Track 3 Suite

    Hi there again tbrewst, It seems that if I had a Brain I might be dangerous. I followed your advice and remade the Disaster start up disc and at the same time remade the whole set up on DVD's, when I then started the process again and got the same negative results. Then my old brain woke up a bit and I realised that because there were no drivers on the new blank HDD for my wireless keyboard and mouse it did me not one jot of good clicking the command "click any key to boot from CD, when I put my old keyboard and mouse back on I got the wizard up ok but could not get the DVD discs to work. In desperation I retried the removable HDD recovery set up and Eureka I'm typing this from my new Hard drived computer, it was all so easy in the end. Many thanks for your help and support, Knowing that there is help out there is very calming when trying something new and struggling to follow vague instructions All best again, Roger
  3. Retired Oldie

    Back on Track 3 Suite

    Hi tbrewst Many thanks for your advice I will try that and let you know if it works. All best
  4. Retired Oldie

    No desktop icon for Back on Track

    Click Start, All programmes, Roxio and Applications. right click on BackOnTrack and in the box that appears click on send to and again in the next box that comes up click shortcut to desktop. That will do it. All best
  5. Retired Oldie

    Back on Track 3 Suite

    Hi all, I have put together a Disaster Recovery Set with Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, Back On Track 3 Suite, the info tells me that I can use this set to put my whole system on to a new HDD but I am having probs. Having installed the new HDD and started the computer with the start up disc made with the above set I get the following, "Press any key to boot from CD" I do this and get NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL ALT & Delete to restart, (None of which do a darn thing I have to turn off the comp. manualy.) Not the set up wizard I expected from reading the instructions which were copied to the letter. I have, by the way, put my full system onto an external HDD to use with the aformentioned recovery set. Any help would be most welcome.
  6. Retired Oldie

    Cloning my Hard Drive

    I have a much larger HDD which I would like to change for my 40 gig one, I have just purchased a Creator 2010 Pro, Would it be possible to use this to put a workable system on the larger drive? instead of having to reformat completely. In other words could I clone one to the other? I have been able to make an image to the larger HDD but cannot work from it. Many thanks in advance for any help offered. Retired Oldie