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  1. So far I am not too impressed with NXT Pro 3. I was using Creator 2009 and find that a whole lot easier to use than this latest version. I'm glad that I can boot in XP or 8.1 allowing me the two different versions to use.
  2. 56flh

    How To Capture Cassette Audio

    Yes, I am currently Windows 8.1
  3. 56flh

    How To Capture Cassette Audio

    The Roxio software does not give me the option for 2861 USB device, I am only seeing Dazzle USB Device show up in the list of options from "Capture From".
  4. 56flh

    How To Capture Cassette Audio

    Yes Jim, I have USB 2861 device show up when I plug in the USB device. Brendan, this "There's also the Roxio LP and Tape Assistant [Music/Audio > Digitize LPs and Tapes" is exactly what I am doing.
  5. I thought the USB capture device I purchased with Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate would work to capture audio from a cassette deck. I upgraded to Creator NXT Pro 3 but seem to get no signal to record. Do I now have to purchase another USB converter for LP/tape?
  6. 56flh

    Can't Burn Dual Density Disc

    I maybe should have said dual layer disc, single side. I'm trying to burn a long (3 hour) movie.
  7. 56flh

    Can't Burn Dual Density Disc

    I've tried a few times to burn a dual density disc and it seems like when the program indicates the project is at 100% the system hangs and will stay at 100%. The disc appears to have been completely burned (physical appearance) but when trying to play back it is not recognized in the player. I'm not very computer savy so I'm probably missing something in this description.
  8. 56flh

    Speed Wavering on playback

    Yes I think I got it resolved by capturing using DVD HQ
  9. I have spent a day searching through this on-line community so if this has been discussed please point me to the thread that will help. I am using Creator 2009 Ultimate and have downloaded the driver for the USB device as instructed in the "do not install" card included with the VHS to DVD software. I have successfully copied one of my VHS tapes using "Creator>Input>Cature Video" which appears to play as expected when observed in the small monitor screen during the recording process. When I play this file back using Copy and Convert DVD-Video all appears to work well except every few minutes it seems there is a huge slowdown in playback which then gradually speeds back up to normal playback speed. This variability occurs throughtout the playback. Any help will be appreciated. System is: Core I7 920 @ 2.67 GHz Windows XP SP3 1000 GB hard drive (defrag has been run) SB XF-i Extreme sound ATI Radeon HD4800 video