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    blu ray encoding

    After reading the Toast 10 manual I'm still not exactly sure how Toast makes Blu ray discs. I know Toast can do its own encoding but would I be better off doing my own converting to M2v or Mpeg 4 ? I have the program "Squeeze" which can convert my video to a compliant Blu Ray format using either one of two high def codecs; Mpeg 4 or m2v and with more control than Toast offers. What I'm not sure of is that if I do the conversion first, will Toast do it's own encoding anyway; just adding time and an extra conversion which can't help the quality. I hope this question makes sense.
  2. BustedFlush

    Language switch

    That may have been the answer but I will never know because I downloaded the most recent update(even though I had the newest version) and placed it in the app folder and I was back to English. I may play around with the "get Info" just to see if that could work. The last time I used Toast I was burning some P2 HD DVC Pro to a blu-ray disc for back up. I was having some issues with the burning and had ruined a couple of disk; but that would not seem to make it change language ! Hey, I looked in Toast Preferences and under the Audio & Video tab is preferred language which is set to Automatic. Of course I couldn't read this when the program was in Spanish, but this may have been the problem. Thanks for all the help. BustedFlush
  3. BustedFlush

    Language switch

    I tried it no change. Interestedly enough, the preference was in Spanish as well. In the folder of additional apps that came with Toast the other apps are in English.
  4. BustedFlush

    Language switch

    I have been using Toast for years. I have had this version(10) for over a year and suddenly I open Toast and the language has switched from English to Spanish. Is there a way to change back without re-installing it?
  5. BustedFlush

    backing up P2 content to BD

    I tried a couple of single layer discs and they worked fine for the most part, though one did lock up about 85% through the verify process. So it is the dual layer disc I need to work the bugs out on. I just wanted to get as much info as possible before trying again; they are expensive. When backing up P2, the 50 GB would make it more efficient. I was working on the computer while it was burning in the background, that could be one problem. I wonder if it would work better thru the 1394 port instead of the USB 2 port on my monitor, or better yet a built in Blu Ray recorder. If any one has any insight on these questions or with different media please let me know. Thanks for the info, BustedFlush -Warren
  6. BustedFlush

    backing up P2 content to BD

    I have tried twice to archive some P2 footage from a hard drive. I just dragged and dropped the folder containing the "Content Folder" and its entire hierarchy onto Toast 10.06. It starts fine but about part way in it seems to lock up, requiring a force quit and ruining the disc. I'm using a Lacie BD burner connected through USB 2. port with a dual layer BluRay 50Mb by Verbatim. They are too expensive to waste anymore. Does anyone have a solution. By the way I have authored Blu-ray movies with this same set up with no problem, using single layer discs. I'm not sure if it's Toast, the drive, or the media causing the problem.