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    Nero Photoshow Deluxe 5 kicked to the curb

    Actually, you are right and you are wrong. I understand that I own a "license" to use the solftware. I look at that as a contract between myself and the software company. I am able to use the software according to that contract. The software company is accepting a fee for my right to use the software. Roxio purchased those software rights and is now obligated to provide the same software benefits to licensed users. My right to use the software doesn't terminate because Nero decided for financial or other reasons to sell the software to Roxio. I have spoke to Roxio and they are making a good attempt to make this software work for me.
  2. Zak57

    Nero Photoshow Deluxe 5 kicked to the curb

    I tried to get some help from Nero but they basically told me they SOLD THE PROGRAM so they don't offer any support whatsoever! I called Roxio and found them more helpful. The rep said she would RESET my license so it could be activated again. However when I went to burn a DVD I got the same response as before. She suggested I completely uninstall Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 5 and reinstall and try to burn again. I have uninstalled the program and will be installing it along with all the themes (6 or more) I purchased and then try to burn again. I will let you know soon if I have any success. If after making sure firewall has an exception for the program and anti-virus isn't causing a program, if I can't burn than I guess I will have to give up unless anyone else can think of something else I can do. I appreciate the suggestions all have made. Incidentally, when I bought the program I was running Windows XP. I had to reinstall it on another PC with Windows 7 and I didn't have any problem installing it or running it. It was the DVD burning process that simply wouldn't work.
  3. Zak57

    Nero Photoshow Deluxe 5 kicked to the curb

    Here's my problem in a nutshell. When I want to burn to a DVD I get the following message... "There is a problem activating this feature. We are unable to access the internet. Please make sure your internete connection is active and that you have adjusted your firewall settings to allow Photoshow Deluxe to access the internet, then try again. For more information click here ___." That link directs me to Roxio and recommends I buy their product and has these words... About DVD Burning If you have previously burned a DVD in your Nero PhotoShow Deluxe software, you will be able to continue using this feature. However, if you have not previously burned a DVD, or are installing the software on a new computer or onto a new copy of Windows on the same computer, the DVD burning feature cannot be activated. In this case, we recommend using the Roxio PhotoShow 5 software. PhotoShow Premium users can choose to download PhotoShow 5 by following the instructions in the article How to re-download PhotoShow Desktop Software. I paid extra to get a back-up copy of Nero Photoshow Deluxe ver. 5 along with all the extras. I originally had this program working on an older PC. That PC no longer exists. I re-installed this program on a new PC running Windows 7. My problem is I don't understand why I can't simply burn a DVD like I had done successfully when I first got this program. If I am not using either Nero's or Roxio web service, then why is there this need to reactivate the DVD burning feature (which evidentally is no longer an option) when I am already a registered user of the software? I guess I'm just a little angry that I can no longer use a software I paid for because Nero has decided that I can't even though I paid my registration fee and even though they no longer support that product. I have old MS Office 2000 disks that work just fine on any computer and I don't think MS supports Office 2000. It seems to me that Nero acted without good faith when they negotiated this deal with Roxio because if I want to continue using a PhotoShow product, I need to shell out some more money so it's a WIN for Nero and a WIN for Roxio but a LOSE for the consumer. If I have this all wrong, please help me understand it correctly anyone who is closer to this situation than I am. Thank you!
  4. I purchased Nero Photoshow Deluxe version 5 along with six optional add-ons several years ago. I was thrilled with the ease of making slideshows with transitions and music in a matter of seconds! I was less interested in uploading my creation to Nero's website since I planned to burn them on DVD's and duplicate them and send them to relatives. I was never hip on paying an on-going fee or something to have some entity maintain my work. After putting the program on the shelf for a time, I recently came back to it and had my slideshow created in seconds. I then proceeded to try to burn it to a DVD. No luck! I soon learned that Nero had jettisoned this program and the online rights evidentally had been sold to Roxio. Now, I read that I must pay a $39/year subscription fee to operate Roxio's version of this program! I was happy using Nero Photoshow Deluxe version 5 for my own personal slideshow pursuits and never intended to become a source of on-going income to Nero by order coffee mugs with family pictures or paying them $29 to burn a slideshow DVD when I already was quite capable to burn it on my own computer. Now, I am being forced to buy ANOTHER product which won't provide me any additional benefits other than enrich the pockets of a second software company. Can someone please explain to me why I can't be left alone using Nero Photoshow Deluxe version 5 and burning my own DVDs? Why is it necessary for the program to connect to the internet when I don't wish to upload my slideshow anyway? If there is someone who understands all of this I would love to hear from you! Thank you! Zak57