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  1. Not trying to make this hard but as you can see by the picture its not in Start, not on "C" drive and a search of the computer for "classic" is not there as an app. There is no Creator Classic. I keep programs on a separate "E" partition because many moons ago when I set up the drive I it would be easier to reinstall OS. My data and backup disc screen shows no creator classic.
  2. A search for Classic is not on my drive. I am concerned that burning multi disc at one time may create errors anyway. "we don't recommend anyway because of the amount of resources it takes to burn a disc. We have seen our fair share of botched CDs, DVDs and BDs that just won't work correctly" http://dvd-copy-software-review.toptenreviews.com/burnaware-professional.html Are you saying just copying an ISO to two drives would not necessarily create errors? Would "Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning" have "Creator Classic" to do the multi disc burning I want to accomplish?
  3. [ ]I found was I do not have that burn set up option, with Roxio Creator Premier 10.3. I have burn options but does not allow you to pick more then one drive. I also found that with burnaware review it says: "but the best option is allowing you to burn more than one DVD, CD or BD at a time, which we don't recommend anyway because of the amount of resources it takes to burn a disc. We have seen our fair share of botched CDs, DVDs and BDs that just won't work correctly." By this I assume it's not a good idea to burn to multiple drives because you can not be sure of errors. http://dvd-copy-soft...ofessional.html
  4. Before I purchase Creator 2012 will it burn an image to two drives in the tower? I have Roxio Creator 10.3 and it will not burn to two drives, one is source and one is destination. Also am I reading the with Creator 2012 it will not burn Blu Ray?
  5. RonCz

    Creator 10 Better Burn Then Dvdit Pro

    Additional information The VHS I pulled the capture off of was a copy of a copy, perhaps that’s why it is only on this video I'm trying to burn. See example of the problem mentioned in the post above: http://cid-32140cc3cd5daf03.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Test%20Pictures/Interlace%20lines%20problem.jpg This VHS capture has jagged lines just before the blue titles that were previously put in on the VHS. There are about 10 full screen titles whose still picture just before have jagged interlace lines. I don't why this would be except that the signal from the player was weak in these parts. See example here: http://cid-32140cc3cd5daf03.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Test%20Pictures/interlace%20problem.jpg http://cid-32140cc3cd5daf03.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Test%20Pictures/Slipped%20frame.jpg Like I said above Roxio creator 10 must be applying a filter to take out these lines. Is there a way to boost signal on a weak VHS tape?
  6. RonCz

    Invisible Chapters?

    Thanks that helps
  7. RonCz

    Invisible Chapters?

    Is there anyway to create chapters without having a chapter menu page? Some people don’t like having to flip through extra menus they just want to play the movie, however I would like them to have the option to click “next chapter” on their remote after their into the movie. They don’t want to get confused with seeing actual chapter menus.
  8. I have a question why did Roxio Creator 10 burn a captured AVI better then DVDit Pro without what I call mild interlace flicker? This is the procedure; • I captured a VHS with Pinnacle Dazzel • I tried to import into Media Composer 5 but I got the error, “ERROR_GETTING_MOVIE_FRAME_FROM_QUICKTIME” • I export the same captured AVI from Studio 14 as an AVI and it finally imported into MC 5. • I exported a small 2 minute quick time reference from MC 5 and burned the file with DVDit Pro HD • I changed the setting to VRB then Constant and then convert video. • I also burn the same quick time reference from Roxio Creator 10 Only the Roxio was clear and steady, what could I be doing wrong with DVDit Pro?
  9. RonCz

    Two Hour Dvd Seems Jerky

    DVDIT Pro does not give you the option to pick fields I assume it’s already doing that field. However in Preferences I see I can set the transcoding to best quality. Maybe that will help. I bought some DVD-9 disc to try dual layer but they came out even more jerky. The setting I used were VBR bit rate of 8700 Kbps. Does anyone have any advice on how to burn a two hour
  10. RonCz

    Two Hour Dvd Seems Jerky

    Thanks I suspected that was the case, I wonder if a video transfer services locally will have the compacity to compress at better quality to really do a two hour video, would they have better software the DVDIT Pro.
  11. RonCz

    Two Hour Dvd Seems Jerky

    I'm capturing with a Dazzle DVC-100 AVI onto a separate hard drive. The video is a two hour video and is not copy protected. I create an ISO file using variable rate usually around 5000 bytes and I convert the video as it transcodes. The video seems jerky during fast spots in the video like when the horses are running or a fight scene and I’m not happy with the result. Should I not try to burn two hours but rather keep it to hour and 15 minutes or is there a setting I can change to make this work better?
  12. I would like to make a motion, animated thumbnail on the main screen. Next to the thumb nail is the play movie link and chapter link. The video would show what the play movie is however if you click on the frame the movie goes full screen. I do not want the movie/thumb nail to go full screen. This could also be used for a logo that just plays and is not intended to go full screen.
  13. Well again thanks for all the help as it turned out, none of my authored copies I tried played all the way through on the symphonic player, including a version I broke in split in order to get high quality, so I had a part one and part two; however when we put the same disc in a newer player it played well. The same disc played fine in my laptop, and my home computer and DVD player. I like Hardin's idea about "bit setting to be changed to DVD-ROM for 'plus' media" I guess it's just the player. I tell people to try it out on someone else's player to make sure it's not the disc. One other problem I notice when I give a disc to someone to try, they put it in the same player that the kids use to play their dirty, sticky, scratched disc in so that the laser heads are out of alignment.
  14. Thanks for answering my question right on, it seems the sales agent was trying to explain all this. DVDit seems to in the end provide a more quality finished product. What started all this is when I presented a finish DVD to my sister who claimed the last menu button did not work. Although it worked in other DVD players hers would not load the last menu. She did have a ten year old symphonic DVD player. I just wanted to make sure I provide the best possible disc media, burned on a good burner with the best encoding I can provide, the rest is up to the customer.
  15. Getting back to my original question does DVDit Pro provide a better burn (then Creator 2010) that plays in more DVD players? According to Roxio sales engineer Anna Marie after checking with a co worker the answer is yes. By choosing the best quality on DVDit 6 the optimization that DVDit pro provides is superior to Creator 2010. When pressed why she did not know. I’m not concerned about bells and whistles.