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    Creator NXT 7 pro very slow

    Loaded but very, very slow. Tried to create a slideshow...unable to see the photos to organize...tried to run it and it hangs at 22%. I loved Creator 2010 but will not run on windows 10 so I upgraded.
  2. Carol1234

    Creator NXT 7 pro very slow

    After Creator NXT 7 Pro upgrade download installation on a Windows 10 machine the computer is very slow to load. Yesterday when I attempted to create a simple slideshow presentation the program would freeze or hang when adding images. The pictures do not display , please see attachment below. Today I had to do a cold shutdown because the computer completely froze when I put one image in Slideshow and edit in Video wave (where I like to really create and modify a slideshow. I am not sure what else to check or I need to do an uninstall and reinstall the program again. I never had any issues with Creator 2010 until W10. Ugh.