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  1. NXT 7 became unstable . Couldn't select media files anymore. The program wouldn't open even the older files. Frooze on the media selector. Did everything I could find on this board to solve that problem. Also a repair of NXT 7 didn't work for me. So presuming that it had something to do with W10 updates or?? I bought NXT 8 and that worked out to be a disaster decision. Last night during installing NXT 8 the program uninstalled the NXT 7 version and that ended after approx 60% in a blue screen W10 . Uninstalling NXT 8 and installing it again gave the same result. Apparently a conflict between W10 and NXT 8 ?? Don't know. Tried several times but after 2 times a system recoveries I am out of options. I don't dare to install NXT 8 again.
  2. jannoo

    Nxt Pro 5 Asking For Rcprod.msi

    Repair didn't work. I looked into the download files in Roxio NXT Pro 5, found central ROXIO Central-110 and in this folder the RCPROD-msi file. Copied the msi file to the downloadfolder. Started Roxio again and as it started asking for the msi file lead it to it. Apparently it worked as iI can work again with my video files etc. Hope it will be stable this time? Thanks for recommondations.
  3. Roxio Creator NXT pro 5 has been working without any problem till today. Opening the program it wants to install itself and is asking for RCPROD.msi . I have tried to repair the installalion with the installer and setup program's but get an error. Cannot repair . What do you recommend? Uninstalling and installing again or...?
  4. How to work with MXF files in Nxt pro 5 ?
  5. No I don't have any problem with NXT4. It does what it should do but it doesn't enables working with multi camera lines. Thanks for your answer.
  6. Simple question but can't find the answer. Can I install Creater NXT 5 over the older version NXT4 or do I have to remove NXT 4 before installing NXT5? (clean install?)
  7. I have a video with an interview about urban development. Now I want to add pictures in the video for clarification without interrupting the audio line / interview. How do I do that? I use Roxio Creator NXT pro2
  8. jannoo

    Error Roxio Harddrive Watcher 12

    Thanks for your respons. I have switched off all Roxio (and Sonic) tasks and services. For the time being no errors at startup. Thanks
  9. Yesterday I have installed Roxio Creater 2010 on a W7 64 bit Ult. computer ( no errors after a clean install) Directly after installing Roxio Creator 2010 , at every startup I get log errors. 7009 Service Control Manager Time out (30000 m.sec.) Service. Roxio Harddrive Watcher 12 Time out error. Strang thing is that it seems that everything works despite the errors in Windows.. I have switched out the Roxio and Sonic services at startup but I still get the error at start up. Some told me that I should go into the registry to reset the timing form 30000 to ?? Do I really have to dig into the registry in order to get Roxio Creator without errors to work on this brand new system? Or are there other suggestions, please?