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  1. My wife has been using PhotoShow Deluxe for years. When it stopped working two years ago, I posted information to other users to let them know how they can still use the program. Everything worked fine for the last two years UNTIL we upgraded to Windows 7. PhotoShow Deluxe 4 is not compatible with Windows 7. It can not find files that it was able to locate under Windows XP. Roxio indicates that PhotoShow Deluxe 4 has been discontinued and you can get a copy of version 6 as part of the Premium service for $30 (for the first year) if you are upgrading an old version. We upgraded and promptly canceled the subscription. Version 6 is not like version 4 at all. They removed all of the painting features that existed in version 4 so the new program is unable to provide the bulk of the photo editing features it provided in the prior version.
  2. If you re-read my message, I asked for the instructions that were used to block the IP, not information about downloading a file from the Internet. The author of the file you deleted was kind enough to post the detailed instructions to this forum for other people to follow his method to get around the startup problem with PhotoShow Deluxe.
  3. Please post the IP address and how to install IP blocking under windows so users can fix this without downloading any software.
  4. A call to Roxio technical support reveals what I suspected. They are no longer supporting this legacy product and neither do they track any bug reports for PhotoShow Deluxe 4 so they would not even know if others are reporting the same error I reported. Your pointing at um.msi as the possible source of the problem is flawed. You stated that Roxio is using this software to handle updates. But if you followed my posting, you would note that I am using SimpleStar software that is 4 years old and Roxio had no relationship to SimpleStar at that time. So Roxio's update mechanism is not part of the PhotoShow Deluxe 4 software. And, msi.um is not even on either of the two systems which are showing this infinite loop problem.
  5. Here is additional information since you didn't fully understand my prior post regarding this problem. I purchased PhotoShow Deluxe 4 directly from SimpleStar some four years ago. As of last week, when the package starts, it hangs up in an infinite loop - consuming 100% of the CPU on a single core system, and 52% of the CPU on a dual core system. I don't see how you can state my theory is flawed, since the problem is occuring on multiple systems when the program was fully operational just a week prior. The fact is, when the computer running photoshow is disconnected from the Internet, it comes up and works just fine. When the internet is connected and you start photoshow, the splash screen appears, no buttons work, the help does not work, preferences does not work, and you can't terminate the program either using the upper right corner X. There is no reaction to any buttons pressed in the program - it is entirely dead. This is the problem in its entirety. There are no error messages. It just no longer operates after the splash screen appears, unless you disconnect from the Internet before starting the program. So regardless of what the program is doing with the Internet during startup, whether it is looking for a non-existant update, or checking a serial number, or whatever it might be doing, the fact is, whatever it has been using in the past on the Internet, is no longer there or is returning data that is not what was expected, and flawed error logic is causing the program to go into an infinite loop. Yet disconnecting from the internet is bypass the startup access to the net and is thereby bypassing the logic that is ending up getting into the loop. The software downloaded to a differnt computer for testing, was the original version of PhotoShow Deluxe. I retained the original software package in order to reload it in the future if necessary. I have not attempted to contact Roxio technical support after reading all of the posts in this forum regarding experiences with their tech support. Most people have stated that tech support either did not respond to questions or was useless. And considering this is a legacy product manufactured by a company they acquired, calling tech support will be a waste of time. This is not a simple configuration or operation problem. This problem has more than likely occured because of an obsure change at Roxio which may be as simple as not renewing an old Domain name. This may not have been a deliberate action on Roxio's part at all but a fall out of something that changed online that resulted in Photoshow executing flawed error logic that was never executed in the past. The primary purpose of my post was to let people know that might run into the same problem, that there is a way around the problem if they disconnect from the Internet. BTW - when you ask if the program is looking for um.msi - how would we know that and why this particular file anyway.
  6. To test my theory further, I downloaded a new copy of PhotoShow Deluxe 4 onto a dual core processor laptop. It shows exacttly the same symptoms. The splash screen comes up then the program hangs and not buttons work in the program and you can not close it down. Around 60% of the dual CPU is busy - one of the processors is running near 80% load. This seems to support my theory that Roxio removed something the program is looking for at startup, and bad error logic in the program is sending it into an infinite processing loop. Roxio has probably removed something or a URL is no longer available that the program is looking for.
  7. Is anyone successfully using PhotoShow Deluxe 4 as of this date, while their computer is connected to the Internet?
  8. I have been using PhotoShow Deluxe since Jan 2006. I paid $50 for the program. I used it as recently as last week. It has now stopped working. The main screen comes up but the program is non-responsive - nothing works - not even help or preferences. And a further examination shows that it is consuming 100% of the CPU time. But, I have found that if you disconnect the computer from the Internet, PhotoShow Deluxe works just fine. So during the startup of the program, it is going out over the Internet to perform some operation and whatever that operation is it now causes the program to hang. There are no other problems with the computer or other programs and nothing has been loaded onto the machine since PhotoShow was last run successfully. I believe Roxio has removed something the program was looking for on the Internet and this missing object is causing the program to hang.