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    Roxio My DVD Creator Plus Issue

    I recently uninstalled MSN explorer and when I went and clicked 'Burn CDs and DVD's' icon the program starts and then sits there and does nothing and after I go to windows task mananger to stop it, the computer won't work properly.(I try to open another program and and they don't start up; any program I try to open.) How the heck are these programs even related!-this is so stupid! I had to uninstall MY DVD plus, clean the registry and reinstall MSN Explorer and then reinstall MY DVD plus and it worked fine. One time I remember I uninstalled MSN messenger and the same issues happened. My point is: how come MY DVD plus will not work and screw up the rest of the computer if MSN Messenger and MSN Explorer are not installed-this is so stupid!-these programs are not related to each other at all!-MY DVD plus SHOULD NOT depend on these programs to work properly! my apologies I was blowing of some steam, but please consider what I am saying.
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    shuttlecommander's first post

    I have a problem with cineplayer, I have dell cineplayer along with it's dvd decoder installed here: [/url][/img] But I STILL CAN'T PLAY DVDS Is there an update available for this? I have no reinstallation disc. By the way, does this dvd decoder run as a background service (or does it need certain processes to run correctly?) Please help me! I haven't been able to play DVDs for a long time on my PC. I have a DELL XPS 210 with: -Intel Core 2 dual processor 1.86 Ghz -1 GB of RAM -ATI Radeon X1300 Pro Graphics Card-with latest updates 11/17/09 -Windows XP Service Pack 3 -some sort of Toshiba/Samsung DVD/CD drive with DE04 driver update -SigmaTel Sound Card