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  1. Redgum

    easy vhs to dvd mac

    As it turns out, the mistake was mine. I didn't realise that the Toast conversion saved the new file to a different folder. Which I only found today. It worked well. Thank you for your advice. regards Neil
  2. Redgum

    easy vhs to dvd mac

    I tried using Toast to convert the mpg file to a DV file but it would not open in iMovie. I'm not sure what to do now.
  3. Redgum

    easy vhs to dvd mac

    I too am having the same problem. The captured video shows up as a mpeg file in the correct folder but can't be opened in iMovie. I'll try the solutions suggested and report back. Neil
  4. Redgum

    Easy VHS to DVD

    Thank you Eugene, I'll give it a try. Neil
  5. Redgum

    Easy VHS to DVD

    I have just installed Easy VHS to DVD and query whether I need to install Toast 9 as I am already using Toast Titanium 10.0.5? Thank you