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    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    Another thing you can try is unchecking the Format as HTML option. The photos would then be sent as normal attachments.
  2. willatrox

    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    What is the name of the new icon that appears on your desktop? If it put an item on your desktop, it may have just downloaded the update, and not installed it. Keep in mind, according to Microsoft's article, you do have to edit the Registry to enable the Hotfix. If you have not edited the Registry following the instructions Microsoft has provided, the Hotfix likely will not work. As always, Back up the Registry before doing any editing, and be careful. Making incorrect changes to the registry can prevent your computer from starting properly, and is done at your own risk.
  3. willatrox

    Photo Suite Email Photographs

    This is an issue with Outlook Express. A fix that worked for me for this issue is found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918766 Outlook Express isn't opening the saved .eml file we create properly.
  4. The knowledgebase article you referenced in this post states that this is a fix for an issue that can occur with Windows Vista. If you are not running Vista, do not install this patch.
  5. willatrox

    Text question

    If you add the text to the Internal Track of the picture, it will only show up on that picture. When you click on Add Text, you should get the option asking where you want to add the text.
  6. willatrox

    Confused about Back-Up

    Backup My PC backs up your files into an archived file. You need to use Backup My PC to restore all or part of these files. Will
  7. The command shown above actually unregisters the file mcspmpeg.ax, not registers it. William
  8. willatrox

    Adding Transitions Crashes MyDVD

    The most important information at this point would be your system specifications. Please reply with the following Info. CPU, Amount of Memory, Manufacturer and model # of videocard, and the driver date. All of this information can be found using the DXDIAG tool. To launch the tool, click on Start, then Run. In the text box, type DXDIAG and then click OK. CPU and Memory is found on the first screen, video card and driver date is found on the Display tab.
  9. willatrox

    burning rewritable DVD

    If the only reason you are burning on the RW disc is to test how the finished product looks, you can also use Disc Image Loader to load the ISO image. This will load and play exactly as the RW disc would. Once you have tested your ISO, use Disc Copier to burn it to your R disc.
  10. The updated link is http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000002CR
  11. willatrox

    Burning MS Photostorys to DVDs with MyDVD 8

    If you have video files, such as WMV, you can use more than 1 file in MyDVD. Only when you are using Photostory 3, and the DVD plugin can you only burn 1 story to a DVD. As previously suggested, make sure your video card drivers are updated, and try setting Software Render in MyDVD before creating your project.
  12. willatrox

    Burning DVD

    Does the DVD you have created work in the computer? Not all set top DVD players work well with RW discs.
  13. willatrox

    Splitting the audio from the video - help

    The best way to do this would probably be to split the video on the Timeline in Videowave at each point you want to modify the music. You could then reduce the volume, or mute the volume on the portions you want to modify the sound for. William
  14. willatrox

    Computer freezes while encoding my DVD

    Please post your computer specs on this post. Include your Video Card. This type of information is necessary to be able to assist with an issue like this.
  15. willatrox

    How much on one DVD?

    A DL burner is a Dual Layer burner. This drives can use Dual Layer media and fit roughly 8-8.5GB on a DL DVD William