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    DVD to ipod

    Gee I did it. And I have never done it before. And I didn't do much - although I did read the instructions. The second section caller 'Player' I think is where you choose what you want the video type changed to. I already had a Video TS Folder on my drive. I chose it from that lower section, chose iPod Video and clicked go - or something like that. When it was done the proper file was inside iTunes as I had made that choice among others when starting. Then I connected my iPod and went on a trip and watched the movie.
  2. eddiemouse

    iPod Touch

    Ah! That makes perfect sense. I haven't bought the Touch yet but I wanted to check first. I did use the Video iPod setting for my Classic and I must say it was a beautiful transfer.
  3. eddiemouse

    iPod Touch

    What is the correct setting for the iPod Touch? The screen is larger than the Video iPod or the Classic. Thanks
  4. eddiemouse

    Toast 8

    "Upgrade Center Pricing" ... where?