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  1. The menu to choose output video option only gives me the "Blu-ray Video" but i need regular DVD. What's wrong? Catalina?
  2. Damascus

    "Photo Disc" Size Downgrade

    "theoldarchiver", I went to the Aperture discussion forum and "leonie" figured it out for me. There's nothing wrong with Toast. It just reads what it sees, just like you said. It reads the Aperture edited VERSION of the ORIGINAL photo, which exports into Toast at pre-set settings that reduces quality. I changed a couple of settings and got a better but not ideal result.
  3. Damascus

    "Photo Disc" Size Downgrade

    "theoldarchiver", I think you are onto something! In Aperture (advanced iPhoto), a particular photo gives me a File Size of 6.86 MB as file info for that photo. Toast reads 3.6 MB. (This photo was enhanced but not cropped.) If I re-export the same photo from Toast back to Aperture, its size changes to 3.9 MB (ignore this increase for now). Then, if I send this same photo back to Toast, it's size is 3.9 MB. What this says to me, and what you said, is that Toast is faithful to the real size it sees. Why Aperture inflates file size (in every photo) is a mystery to me. I am satisfied however, that Toast reads only what it sees. (For example, if I crop the photo, Aperture continues to show the entire original size while Toast doesn't.)
  4. Damascus

    "Photo Disc" Size Downgrade

    I am running Toast 14 Titanium on an iMac with OS El Capitan. I am trying to burn a bunch of Aperture library photos on a DVD by using "Photo Disc" in "Data". However, the photo file "Size" is downgraded to about half of the original size. I can find no way to resolve this problem. I need help!
  5. Damascus

    Updates After Toast 11.0.0 Don't Recognize The Hd/bd Plugin

    Tsantee is dead on! I came to this site with the identical problem. I went to Preferences (in Toast), General, and checked the box "Show Blu-Ray Video Projects" and bingo! the "High Definition DVD-Video" menu option was released.
  6. Damascus

    Can't Finalize Disc

    Your very wild guess about drive failure was also my guess; I cleaned up my drive with CleanMyMac and Onyx; I re-installed Snow Leopard; and, I re-installed Toast 11. No success. I use Fujifilm discs but I will switch to Verbatim if this is the last option. I will try the Disc Image trick and see if that works but if this works, what am I to conclude? I should tell you that in between, I have successfully burnt a disk in DVD mode on a DL disc. This had led me to believe the problem was not with the disk but the interface between Toast, the disc and the DVD-HD burn option.
  7. Damascus

    Can't Finalize Disc

    I have had success burning discs, including DL discs, for over two years using Toast in DVD and High Definition modes. Just last week, I have been having trouble apparently, only with DL discs. The disc would be fully burnt but in the second stage, writing the Lead In and Lead Out, I consistently get a report: "The Drive reported an error. Sense Key = Hardware Error. Sense Code = 0 x 09. Track Following Error. Writing Lead Out Failed to be Written." I have pulled out most of my hair trying to resolve this issue. If you don't want me to pull out what few strands I have left, please help!
  8. Damascus

    Output File Size

    Thanks for pointing out the location of the Extras!! Your explanation of the fps rate makes sense. Thanks again! Tomorrow, I will view my 10 sec movie in Toast Video Player and give you an update on picture quality.
  9. Damascus

    Output File Size

    My Roxio Guide does not list the Video Player as an Extra and I suppose it's only available for the Pro version. Do you know why Toast burnt my movie at 59.94 fps when I set it at 29.97? I don't see that I have any control over Toast's choice of fps.
  10. Damascus

    Output File Size

    I don't have all the Extras listed on p.32 of the Toast Guide. I downloaded the latest Toast 11 Titanium (not Pro) yesterday and there are 11 items in the package for a total size of 931.4MB. There's no Roxio Video Player unfortunately.
  11. Damascus

    Output File Size

    The created DVD, when imported back into Toast produces info as follows: Video: H.264/AVC, 1280 x 720, 59.94 fps Audio: Dolby Digital, Stereo, 48000HZ My original 75 KB QT file info is as follows: Video: H.264, 1280 x 720, 29.97 fps Audio: 16-bit, Stereo 44100HZ Hope this helps.
  12. Damascus

    Output File Size

    I have been successfully burning Hi Def DVDs on my Macbook using Toast 11. Yesterday, I was doing some test work and decided to burn 10 seconds of movie in a 75MB Quicktime file (originally filmed and transferred to my Mac in 720p). Toast 11 is recording the movie in an 18.8MB size. I cannot directly compare the movie against my source file to assess quality (because I don't have Roxio Movie Player) Does anyone know what's going on? Roxio doesn't.
  13. Damascus

    Burning Topic

    I am trying to burn on my MacBook Pro a QuickTime movie with the following characteristics: * Size - 6.35G * Duration - 87 minutes * Video Dimension - 1280 X 720 * Codec - H.264 Toast fitted the movie on a DL DVD disc with space left over. After 63% of "Writing" completion, coding stopped and I get the following message: "The drive reported an error: Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR Sense Code = 0x09, 0x01 TRACKING SERVO FAILURE" Can someone tell this neophyte what's going on and how I should proceed to complete my project. http://forums.support.roxio.com/style_imag...icons/icon9.gif
  14. Damascus

    Toast 10

    You are dead-on! Thanks!
  15. Damascus

    Toast 10

    I just replaced version 10.0.01 with 10.0.06. "About Toast 10 Titanium" confirms I am using the .06 version but when I open up the updated Documentation, it reveals additional applications which I don't see in this updated version. For example, two new applications, "Making a Mac Volume Disc' and "Making a Custom Hybrid Disc" appear between pages 64 and 67 of the Documentation but the "Data" project category contains neither of these two. The .06 version still looks like .01. And there are several more of these discrepancies. Mind you, when I initially tried to drag the .06 download folder into Applications, there was a warning saying I was using an older version to replace a newer one. As counselled in this forum, I renamed the Toast folder, dragged in the new one, and dropped the .01 version into the trash. Somebody please tell me what's going on?