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    Program not opening - Drives set to disabled?

    It worked Digital Genius....thanks for the tip! It worked!
  2. Mitza24

    Program not opening - Drives set to disabled?

    It could be since this virus I had was attached to IE and even when I cleaned up everything, I still was having problems. I still have issues with my Windows Media Player so that's another fun problem. Thanks for your help...I will see if that works. Ann
  3. Mitza24

    Program not opening - Drives set to disabled?

    Wow...lots of questions. When I click on the icon for Media Creator, a pop up box comes up and says what I listed above. It never happened before I did some work on the computer here to clean up a virus I had....and yes, its from the Roxio program since it says that at the top of the box that comes up. I do not know what a packet writing app is so I can look for it if you let me know where. When I go into the Device Manager, all the drives are enabled.
  4. Hi there, Trying to open Easy Media Creator 10 and it is saying that is can not open unless my drives are enabled...which they all are. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks! Ann
  5. Ok seriously, I have no idea on how to fix this so I need some help. Anyone have any tips for me? Thanks! Ann
  6. Yeah...how do I do that?? I dont even know what that means
  7. Hi there, First time using this program...created my video and went to hit the Burn function and its telling me that I have buttons overlapping on the menu. Is this causing the video not to burn properly? I selected Burn Anyways and then got an error once all the videos burned. So needless to say it did not work. Any help fixing this would be great. Thanks! Ann
  8. I did and it worked. Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I have Easy Media Creator 10.
  10. Hi there, I currently have a JVC Everio HDD camcorder and am trying to use the Creator 10 to transfer my video files in order to make a dvd. When I use the Plug and Burn option and select the drive the camcorder is plugged in to, it is saying this: Contents: Incompatible Disc. Also, when I use the MyDVD option, it will not recognize the video files that I have already uploaded from my camcorder onto the computer in order for me to make a DVD video that way. What can I do? Thanks! Ann