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  1. Seems like one major company is speaking up before it hits their fan. ZDnet's article on Quickbooks announcement and Microsofts response
  2. Beerman

    SantaFe Texas

    These incidents are sad beyond belief. I always felt safe when I was in school and these kids deserve the same. Bottom line, there's too many sick people in this world and the devil has it easy. But, if you take away all the guns, they'll make bombs, use knives, whatever. Sick people are sick. They'll do whatever they want and a school is easy picking. I'm not sure what will work. We may be just a totally lost country with no hope at all. This is just sad, sad, sad!
  3. You obviously picked the best name for your self and that's what you'll likely get-Xero!
  4. Beerman

    Nz Earthquake

    So glad our friend is safe!!!!!!!
  5. Beerman

    Nz Earthquake

    Last I heard the damage was not as bad in his area though the magnitude was higher but where it happened was better for Christchurch. Hopefully, no big aftershocks will make things worse.
  6. Beerman

    Nz Earthquake

    I plan to give him a call later today and will post if I am able to get in contact with him.
  7. Beerman

    Track Volume (Loudness) Levels

    Music Disc Creator has an option to maximize the volume of each song which may help. And the Burn Audio CD's program has what is likely better, a normalizing option.
  8. Beerman

    Wav Files Not Recognized

    See if it works in Audacity. If not, it could be a problem with the file itself.
  9. Beerman

    Wav Files Not Recognized

    Audacity is free and will edit wav files but are you saying Sound Editor won't work for you?
  10. Beerman

    Record Your Screen

    Shouldn't be but in my case, with no microphone attached I get a message that an 'error occured with your audio device' but turning audio off in settings allows me to do a screen cap. Are you having some problems?
  11. I'm curious if it's a registration issue or something else. Did you register previously? If not, can you try registering by doing so in the Main Roxio Home screen and see if that works?
  12. Beerman

    Bug/compatibility Fixes

    This forum is basically a user forum and you likely won't hear from Roxio directly. Users have no idea so I'm doubtful you'll get an answer to your question.
  13. Beerman

    Copy And Convert

    Please explain a bit more what you are doing when you get this error message such as the steps you take to convert the video and what file type you are trying to convert. Have you installed any new software since this program was last working?
  14. Beerman

    Time For A New Computer

    Ah, shucks, I can feel the love. I so enjoy building and wish I could do it more often. I have noticed that the options we have as builders are changing as less and less people want the big machines builders enjoy. Everyone wants the tiny little boxes now.
  15. Beerman

    Time For A New Computer

    i don't know anything about them but a friend of my son just ordered a custom built gaming PC from Maingear. They do all types of PC's. Order your parts and send them to me and I'll build it for you.
  16. I don't have a tivo but wonder if you right click the file, if you have an option to convert to dvr-ms. If so, try converting the file then use the converted file in Creator and see if that works.
  17. Beerman

    Lame Mp3 Encoder

    Probably because in the end, you can't tell any difference at all in the quality of the mp3. I really don't know but you're probably the only one who even noticed.
  18. Beerman

    Roxio Creator Nxt 2 Content File

    The content install includes things such extra themes, menus and backgrounds for making DVD's and videos as well as photographs. It's a large file but if you like to customize your work, it's what you'll need to install.
  19. Mine works for HD but not encrypted HD. Some HD programs are sent as Copy Freely and some as Copy Once. Copy Once can only be recorded but that's all.
  20. Try right clicking the .wtv file and choose to convert to dvr-ms. Then Roxio should be able to work with the dvr-ms file.
  21. Did you download so many times because it would not complete the download? It still sounds like it didn't complete. What was the file size of the downloaded file? Have you tried to use a file extractor to see if the file will complete an uncompression of it?
  22. Beerman

    Preview Distortions In Mydvd

    What screen resolution are you using? NXT requires 1024x768 DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with at least 16-bit color setting.
  23. Beerman

    Audio Central Equivalent?

    Roxio Creator 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 all have Sound Editor included.
  24. Beerman

    Copy & Convert Problem

    You also might want to make sure you have the proper video codecs installed on your system.