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    2010 Recording Problem

    hello to all from downunder australia i have a problem that i have been putting up with for many months now. on roxio 2010 in sound editor when i select record audio to record a sound on the internet, the left channel and the right channel already have some green in the bars before i actuall click start. is this to do with my sound card. also will this roxio 2010 be compatabile with windows 10 home oem version. at moment is is on windows 7 ultimate service pack 1 64-bit with envy 24 audio 32-bit i hope someone can help me with this problem. no worries if no one can it has been doing it for months.
  2. i have roxio creator 2010 and am using windows 7 - 64bit. i am having trouble with print to disc in label creator.when i select the media dropdown box PRINT TO DISC, and then in paper type drop daown box only epson printers show up on the dropdown list. the trouble is i am using a canon pixma ip200 printer. why are only epson printers showing. how can i use this for my printer. do you have a patch download or what advice can you offer me for my canon printer?????.