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  1. Hello the Community, Is there anyone having same type of problem? .....and more importantly has anyone a suggestion explaining why 2 same operations reach different results? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Hi thank you for your reply. I'm very sorry that it is unclear to understand. I confess that I was also confused when I bought the software from the Roxio site. I was expecting to purchase myDVD 10 as one software but I also received a file Roxio2010Content_HV15AXD0SQA.exe which confused me....as no explanation was provided.... Anyway, you did well to move my posts to MyDVD 10 Premier and Roxio Video Lab as these are really the soft. I have 2 problems: - 1 with the import of mpg files. - when seeing the DVD it does NOT move to next chapter between chapter 2 and 3 but well between chapter 1 to 2 (I leave this problem on the side for the moment) Let's come back to problem 1: PC Win XP SP2 (English version) I had MyDVD installed then Roxio2010Content.....(French version build 122B07B FRA ...yes I'm from europe ...) At that time importing the file worth 13 min (404 MB) into the menu creates a DVD of around 450 MB....so OK. - I installed SP1 & SP2 (automatic update proposed by Roxio which unfortunately I accepted). Trying again a totally new project WITH SAME TEMPLATE AND SAME ORIGINAL MPG file (NOT another mpg BUT the SAME SO SAME DURATION ...) bang DVD is now 900 MB.... I also tried to fully remove the Roxio 2010 Content (which is a separate entry in the list of applications shown by Windows) then also My DVD ...then re-install ONLY MyDVD ...but the problem is always there (DVD of 900 MB (yes I know need to speak about duration but it is still 13 min .....).... this means for me that the removal is not total ....and the product seems very unstable.... If you have any other tips or proposal ..thank you in advance
  3. Hi There, This topic comes as details to my other post concerning the problem of importing mpg files into My DVD 10 Premier. PC: HP Pavilion DV9000 (dual core, 2 GB RAM, 2 internal disks of 120 GB) OS: Windows XP SP2 version bought 24 November 2009. MyDVD 10 installed Roxio content installed SP1 installed SP2 installed Problem: when I import an mpg file of 404 MB in a project with a menu of 41 MB and asking as quality paramter to keep as original, the space occupied is more than 900 MB !!! I completely removed Roxio Creator content 2010 as well as Roxio MyDVD (full reboot). re- install MyDVD 10 Premier: Importing the 404 MB works OK (project size around 450 MB) . But I have access to a very limited number of templates. Install Roxio content 2010: create a new project, import the 404 MB file (always with quality as original) and bang :: project size exploded to 900 MB !!! Install SP1: no change Read old project (created WITHOUT SP & content) size is still OK. It seems that the program is UNABLE to calculate correctly the size. I burned the project and the folder size is well around the 900 MB. What is WRONG with this Roxio product??????? Thank you for any help.
  4. Bigjaba

    mydvd menu button issues

    Hi, I had the same problem when the disk is nearly full (4.3 GB on a 4.5 GB single layer disk). Since I don't go over 3.7 GB this problem disappeared. (Unfortunately, I have some other problems....) Hoping this will be a solution for you.
  5. Bigjaba

    Mpg import problem

    thanks you for the prompt interest. I bought MyDVD 10 Premier on 24 November 2009 via Roxio site. I downloaded files: RoxioMyDVDVideoLab_HX30DXD0MV1.exe plus blu-ray plugin plus roxio content. Original file size: 13 min 10 sec : 404 Mb Menu: 30.3 Mb Import the file into my Windows 7 PC: (quality as original) : 470,4 Mb (including the menu Import the SAME file into Win XP PC: (quality as original): 970 Mb So, different behaviour .....no explanation ..... Any help more than welcome
  6. Yes. I tried on 3 different players (Sony, Pioneer, noname). Same problem.
  7. Hello, As said in another topic, when I specify to continue after the chapter to the next one, sometimes it works sometimes it does NOT. Any idea? Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Hello, I'm using MyDVD for several years (version 5 , then 6). Everything was very nice. So, in December 2009, I bought Creator 10, and unfortunately since then I'm having several problems. I'm creating mpg files with another program (Edius Neo 2 for films and showbiz for photos), each file is around 450 MB. When I import the files in MyDVD project, with the quality set-up 'Keep as original' it goes beyond the 4.5 GB. PC used: HP DV9000 Windows XP SP2. I tried EXACTLY the same on another PC(Windows 7) and all is OK (total used is 2.6 GB). Any idea? The other problem encountered is that despite I ask to go from one chapter to the following one sometimes it does NOT go to it .... Thank you very much in advance for any comment or advices.