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    bluetooth crashing toast

    Curious question. If I try to connect to a Bluetooth device while burning a disc, Toast crashes. And then refuses to allow the user to eject the bad burned disc from the disc drive without doing a restart. It doesn't seem to have an issue if you start the Bluetooth device first, and then burn a disc. ( unless you have to reconnect ) Short of not using Bluetooth devices, any suggestions how to keep Toast from crashing?
  2. amerkincynic

    file size - burning data discs

    When burning large amounts of data, I like to split the data up into DVD sized folders to avoid the wasted space when creating "multiple disc" burns in Toast. If I do a get info on my burn folder, the computer thinks its 4.4GB, but when I drop it in Toast, it usually burns a disc with data about 4.0-4.1 GB in size. Which means I'm wasting space, unless I waste hours trying to add more files to fill the space on each disc. Can someone explain why my files are changing sizes when I add them to Toast, and what I could use besides "get info" to determine the file size of my burn folders that would match what Toast thinks these files actually are?