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    BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    I have a similar issue and glad I saw this. I recorded multiple segments of a tv program and converted from mkv to mp4. I tried burning to DVD and got the error within a few seconds. I have a brand new computer with Win 10, 4 GB graphics card, 12 GB or ram, and 1 TB drive. Now I see the rationale. Is there any loss in resolution converting from mkv or mp4 to mpg?
  2. TOM2RN

    Creator 2010 Runtime Error Fix

    Just a note to follow up. I have had no issues since making the change I mentioned in the first post. I have been using VideoWave to edit quite a few clips from videos and not once have I seen the Runtime error. TOM2RN
  3. TOM2RN

    Creator 2010 Runtime Error Fix

    Many thanks. Why the support team would not respond to this question is a bit frustrating. I'll be tinkering tonight..... TOM2RN
  4. TOM2RN

    Creator 2010 Runtime Error Fix

    Thanks, you caught my faux pas. It is Media Creator 2010 I'm referring to, not Creator 10. Yes, I also reboot to make sure all changes go through. I was fading quickly when I posted this and didn't edit it carefully. It still works! The support folks have not responded. Oh, by the way, do you know what the folder with Roxio Media Creator 2010 Content is for? It has a file that is 1.02 GB in size and looks to be an .exe file. I have asked tech support three times in emails and they do not respond. Thanks
  5. I have been plagued with the infamous Runtime error people seem to receive stating an abnormal termination of VideoWave. I followed the instructions tech support sent me to no avail. I uninstalled anything Roxio or Sonic and did a clean install twice. I installed with my firewall and anti-virus off. I did the live chat with a tech on Wednesday or Thursday and he was supposed to get back to me the next day. Sorry, it didn't happen. So, I kept receiving this error with the opening of VideoWave and Create DVD. On a whim, I decided to check a setting that recently I had used to clear up some issues after a clean boot (boy that can throw one for a loop if you've never done this). Go to Start> Run> type in services.msc in the box and hit O.K. This brings up a screen with multiple items which can be started, performed automatically, performed manually, or disabled. Grab the menu bar at the top just to the right of Name and pull it to the right to see things a little better. I searched for Roxio and Sonic entries. I found no Sonic entries. I did find several entries which had Roxio as the system service. Each of those ended in a 9 or 12. I don't have any Roxio 9 products installed (they were taken out with the uninstall). There are several entries with 12 at the end and I figured they applied to Creator 10 (logic would make you think they would in in 10, but no....). So, I disabled any Roxio service ending with 9 and changed any Roxio service ending in 12 to automatic. I did this by left clicking and selecting the service then I right clicked to bring up a dialog box. Left click on Properties and in the middle of the next box it says Startup Type. I select the drop down box and chose automatic for any of the 12 services and disable for any of the 9 services. I then hit Apply and then OK. One more step though, make sure you look in the upper left corner and select the blue Select to make sure everything is committed. You can only do one of the services at a time. Now try and see if it works. I am not responsible for anything that might happen, so make sure you remember what you changed. It's been working for me so far. I'm using Creator 2010 on Win XP SP3. Dell Dimension 9100. 4 GB of RAM.