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  1. You recommend I run Complete Uninstall and delete temp files and all that mularkey after running CleanSystem?
  2. Yeah I thought it had something to do with EMC. After not installing for the nth time, I poked around the EMC_120 folder to see if clicking on some of the files in there would do anything. That endeavor bared no fruit. You'll see my Video tab is missing quite a few components: To give some idea of my re-install process, I have been trying to cut out as many variables each time. I followed all the instructions for removing any trace of Roxio (ala Complete Uninstall of Creator 2009 and 2010 (Windows Vista and 7), Direct Link). Furthermore, after the fourth time, I decided to extract the files from the install and running from the new folder it created. Still come out with the same result. While I have not used the program much it looks like the only error message I get is the one I described above. Thus I hope after I clear this EMC hurdle it might be smooth sailing.
  3. Hi, I hope this is something obvious I am overlooking. When I go into Roxio it would appear I am missing all the video editing features the software offers (create DVD, edit video, copy video). These are the three icons that display on the bottom of the homepage's frequent tasks. My homepage looks very different from what was advertised. This is how my HP currently looks: I have installed Roxio 10 Creator on a Windows 7 machine a couple times now. I have followed the Complete Uninstall directions (removed from Control Panel, regsitry, Program files, etc.) yet still am not able to access the video editor. It should be known that after my first install, I saw these applications (at that time there was some other bug that forced me to reinstall everything). They went missing after subsequent installations of the software. Perhaps related to the problem, when I open Roxio a dialog box pops open that reads: the following applications should be closed before continuing the install: COM Server wrapper for Vx Block DLL.