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    Adding data files

    As much as I resist doing this, I must reveal my ignorance. This is a relatively new computer and I am using Windows Vista Home Premium. Beyond that, I am baffeled. How can I find out what program from EMC9 I am using.
  2. dataman

    Adding data files

    I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. I add a single file and burn it to disc and close the program. After a time interval the program is reopened, another file is added and burned to disc and the program closed. After six or seven burnings, I get the message that additional files cannot be added to the disc. Again, the files are only about 20 KB. I have considered two possibilities. First, I have a bad batch of CD-RW’s, or second, I should add files over a period of days and burn only once. Is there another possibility to consider?
  3. dataman

    Adding data files

    Friends, I have tried adding data files to a CD-RW dsc after previously burning single files to the the same disc about six times. The files are short only 20 KB. After six burnings, I get the message that "Additional files cannot be burned to this disc" Question: Is there a limit as to how many times seperate short files can be burned to the same disc? dataman