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    wont stop trying to install

    Thanks, everybody. Just to let you know what I did: I downloaded the most current version, 5.0.1, of the Blackberry Manager, used it to completely remove the program. I also went on the registry level and removed all reference to Blackberry AND Roxio (I removed my Roxio Creator 8, also). I then re-installed Roxio Creator 8 and re-initialized the Roxio Media Creator 8. After that I installed the Blackberry software MINUS the Roxio apps. I still have a bit of cleanup to do, thanks for the suggestion, firenhancer, but things are working much better now. Thanks to all who helped me, I hope this helps someone else. M.
  2. michaeljruiz

    wont stop trying to install

    Thanks for the headsup. Now............if I can just get the add/remove program to work since Windows Installer is hogging the session! If you have any further ideas on how to remove the Blackberry Manager, I'm listening. M.
  3. michaeljruiz

    wont stop trying to install

    Hi, my problem, too. I have XP, Creator 8, and I just installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager, which apparently uses some Roxio code. The problem did not occur (for me, anyway) until I loaded the Blackberry Manager, so I'm guessing that the problem lies there. Should I just delete the Blackberry app and try to reload it after I've ironed out the problem without it, or is there a 'real' code conflict with my v. of Creator and the Blackberry app? Thanks, Ogdens, for any help you can give me. Mike