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  1. Hmmmm, it may come to that. Its just I'm reluctant as its a big job. The PC has many applications installed that are used daily - and they all work fine. Ian
  2. Hi all, apologies for reopening an old thread - but it was mine in the first place . I've not been using my Roxio software for some time but now I am, the problem I reported last year is still there. The only difference is that when I go to use my previously "good" local admin user, the problem does not go away. So now I have 2 admin users with the file dialog crashing issue. I'm just interested to see if any more has been seen of this issue since I was last here - or if any other relevant info has come to light. For the record, the symptoms are identical to those described in my first post. DirectX system info is also attached now. Many thanks. Ian DxDiag120714.txt
  3. Thanks again Jim, I guess I'll just have to continue with my "Switch User" strategy until I figure out what it could be. I tried uninstalling Skydrive and iTunes in case it was related to that but no joy yet! Ian
  4. Hi Jim, thanks again for the advice. I did all that, including the Revo uninstall option - without success. The result is I now have 2 local users (inc the new userr I just created) that the program works for but it still doesnt work for the first user (my everyday account). Can I ask is this advice a general solution, or have you specifically seen the issue I am experiencing in the past? Thanks Ian
  5. Hello Jim, thanks for the advice - but I have done that (in fact I'm sure I tried previously) and it makes no difference. The user in question is in the local "Administrators" group on the PC and the user that works OK is the local "Administrator". I didnt say that this has all worked OK previously so something must have changed - but Ive not used VW for a few months so cant be sure what that might be. Ian
  6. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has seen this issue before. I can load videowave OK, but if I try to do ANYTHING that involves opening a file dialogue biox it crashes. For example, when the opening dialogue allows me to start a new project - thats OK - but if I try to open an existing one - crash. If I start a new project and then try to use the folder tree view in media selector - crash. If I try to save the project - crash. If I try to export anything - crash. In fact absolutely anything that requires access to the windows file structure - crash. By Crash I mean, a Videowave dialogue pops up saying "VideoWave has stopped working" as the attached immage shows. However, I discovered if I log in to the same computer as a different user - all works fine. So, it must ne something related to the user profile - but I cant find a clue as to what. I have tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, checking registry keys for maybe a corrupt last used path etc but nothing fixes the issue. A should add that I have no problem with any other software on the PC. Basically, I can now only use VW by logging on as a different user or using the Win7 "Switch user" feature to log on. Any clues or ideas woyld be appreciated as whilst not a show stopper this is a PITA. Thanks in advance. Ian PC Spec: Dell M4700, Intel i5 CPU, 8Gb RAM, Win7 64b (SP1), Nvidia Quadra K2000M Running: Creator NXT Pro (Build 140B36A)
  7. Ian_K

    Camera Advice

    Thanks - I managed to download a sample file and VW appears to handle it perfectly - I certainly cant see much difference between the source and the result anyway ! I have taken the plunge and ordered the Sanyo so I'll let you know how I get on in a couple of weeks. Thanks Ian
  8. Ian_K

    Camera Advice

    OK - thanks. Anyone have a sample 1280x720x30fps clip thay could send me to try out ? Thanks Ian
  9. Ian_K

    Camera Advice

    Thanks Steve, maybe I was just a little sensitive following the previous aspect ratio issues I've had. Does videowave do a good job of changing from 30fps to 25 ? Thanks Ian PS - Just watched your gadget show link - looks like it came out pretty well on the whole - thanks.
  10. Ian_K

    Camera Advice

    Just to add.... one think that could be a concern is that the spec says it captures at 1280x720x30fps - so what happens if I want to make a standard 720x576x25fps (pal) production in Videowave ?? Thanks Ian
  11. Ian_K

    Camera Advice

    Hi all, a few of you have been kind enough to try and resolve the issues I have been having with 14:9/14:9 aspect ratio and my Samsung camcorder. Because of the ongoing aspect issue, I am thinking of replacing this and as I want to take some "action" footage on sailing trips in future I have been looking at waterproof camcorders. Not done too much research yet but I have come across the Sanyo VPC-WH1EXW-B which appears to tick a lot of boxes. More info here.... Sanyo VPC-WH1EXW So, have any forum members any experience of this or similar Sanyo camcorders or do you have any concerns with the spec ? As always, thanks in advance for any help. Regards Ian
  12. Ian_K

    Best Capture Format

    Thanks Steve, just wanted to make sure it wouldnt backfire on me later. Ian
  13. Ian_K

    High Quality Output in 4:3 Aspect Ratio

    Maybe the issue is that VideoWave is all about making a production at TV resolution - so you are never going to get 1600x 1200 output from it. If you need a high resolution output perhaps Videowave is not the right tool to use. Ian
  14. Ian_K

    Best Capture Format

    Hi all, so far, I have tended to capture all my video from camera in the DV AVI format. Creator also lets me capture in MPEG format so I was wondering what the consensus is on which is best. Clearly MPEG results in a smaller file size so I suspect this would mean some degradation in quality - although at first glance the playback appears more or less identical. If I start capturing in MPEG am I going to regret it later when it comes to editing in Videowave ? Thanks Ian
  15. Ian_K

    Cant Output 16:9 Widescreen

    Hi Gary, its a mystery - the camera is specifically set to 16:p - the only other option is 4:3 and if I play the camera directly to TV it all looks fine. Anyway, the method I used to "correct" the files was to craete a new 16:9 project - add the complete captured file and output it as DV AVI (PAL) - in theory its an exact copy of the source file ! I'll see if Roxio can figure it out - they did finally ask for a sample. Regards Ian