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    burn audio CD from FLAC w/ T8?

    I noticed when I successfully used Toast 8 to convert Flac to Audio CD. All the files were in my iTunes. How to do I get Toast not to export all the files to iTunes automatically? many thanks for all the replies and advice guys! - DL
  2. Donnie Loeffler

    burn audio CD from FLAC w/ T8?

    Hey many thanks - this works well - Q: how bout encoding to FLAC , will Toast 8 do that?
  3. Donnie Loeffler

    error with T8 while using FLAC

    Hey , I thought I would try one last effort before scrapping Toast 8 for this app. I'm trying to burn and convert from FLAC to audio CDR with T8. I upgraded the latest version and have a legit copy of Toast 8. I can play the audio from the FLAC source disc but with some drop outs occassionally, but I can't seem to simply burn a audio CDR from FLAC to play on a conventional CD player i.e. redbook standard. I simply drag and drop the FLAC source disc into the audio "hopper" of the program, eject the source disc and insert a blank CDR to burn. However, when I do drag and drop the FLAC source files, I get a prompt stating the txt. ffp are "not supported". When I do start the burn I get: disc failed prompt after a another prompt that says: "Drive reported an error: Sense Key = Medium Error Sense Code = 0x02 No Seek Complete" I thought Toast 8 would simply support FLAC ? I've been researching Apple's relationship with FLAC and it's all over the place with confusing info - so if anybody out there can help me that would be great Sincerely, Donnie L. any replies and or feedback are appreciated: THANKS
  4. Donnie Loeffler

    burn audio CD from FLAC w/ T8?

    Thanks for the reply.... my version of Toast 8 does play a FLAC file fine when the source Flac CD/DVD is on the drive, but I'm having a problem burning a decoded audio copy with Toast 8. when I finally either get finished the disc doesn't have any music or it flakes on the burn with a error. On my PC , my roxio didn't have any problem burning a audio decoded copy of a Flac source. Any ideas? Donnie L.
  5. Donnie Loeffler

    burn audio CD from FLAC w/ T8?

    Hi Roxy folks, I'm new to MAC from PC. I just purchased a "new" version of Toast 8. I've got some FLAC discs that I would like to burn to standard Audio CD. Everytime I simply drag and drop the FLAC Files into Toast I get some kind of "not supported" prompt. Then after I get it into and burn the CD there is no sound when played back on the CD or after the CD has been ejected and it's still on the screen. The CD has indexes , Total Time, scrolls, but no music. I used to use Easy CD creator when I had my PC , it worked fine for the most part, but then the HD would get clogged by so many files form maybe FLAC and .shn staying in the regestries, etc. The files didn't really "delete" off the HD per se. So I thought I would use a MAC and if need be restore the computer if this happens on the MAC. However, I don't see this version of Toast being very successful for me. I suppose I will need a "lossless converter" program mostly - why did I buy this? Also, I'd like to convert my DATs to CDR using Toast , I hope it will handle my simple Edirol interface as well. But, one thing at a time. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong, or will NOT Toast burn the audio CD directly from FLAC? Or is possible my FLAC sources are bad, but I don't think so because everyone of them is doing this? The 1st and 2nd attempt locked up the computer , the 3rd burn attempt gave me only a disc with no music? thanks for any help or ideas in advance, Donnie L.