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    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    No, I am not trying to recompress a DL-sized image file into a SL-sized one, I am trying to create a SL-sized image from a VIDEO_TS folder from a previously ripped DL DVD. That's the usual process I follow, and I have no problem doing that with Toast 10.0.5. Creating a DL-sized image and then compressing it into a SL-sized one would add an unnecessary step (at least, it was unnecessary until Toast 10.0.6). Yes. That's correct. No, it doesn't, even though the "Fit-to-DVD" option it's ticked. That's right, and neither with Toast 10.0.6a. I have not tried that, but it was never necessary with Toast 10.0.5. The compression happened during the disk image creation, so the resultant image was already SL-sized. As stated before, yes, it is. Thank you both for trying to help.
  2. wkpn

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    I'm back from my Snow Leopard-running external HD, reporting on my trial. Well, no luck. I tried both the 10.0.6 and the 10.0.6a, to the same results as in my main Leopard HD. Even though I tick the "fit-to-DVD" feature, even though I choose to write the new image to fit into a single-layer disc, the image I obtain is the same size as the original DVD folder. What's more, I tried discarding additional audio tracks, or choosing just the main video file to be present in the to-be-generated DVD image, to no avail. The resultant disk image is the same size as the DVD Folder I am using as source.
  3. wkpn

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    No, sorry, I should have been more thorough and include all that information in my first post. So I'm running Toast 10.0.6a under MacOS 10.5.8 on a 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo iMac. I have yet to try it on my Snow Leopard-running external HD.
  4. wkpn

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    As I mentioned before, I find it odd that no one else has commented on this, as it would be if problem was widespread. I am running Mac Os X 10.5.8, and trying to fit-to-DVD when creating a new DVD image from a previously extracted VIDEO TS folder. It used to work fine with Toast 10.0.5, and actually still does with 10.0.5, but not with 10.0.6 or the recent 10.0.6a revision. I have tried using a different user account, to no avail. I have Snow Leopard installed on an external HD for try-out, so I will try installing Toast 10.0.6 there.
  5. wkpn

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    Apparently, the 10.0.6a only fixed some Tivo related issues, but the fit-to-DVD issue remains.
  6. wkpn

    TOAST 10.0.6 Fit-to-DVD not working?

    Sure, TOAST itself asks you to choose SL or DL before proceeding to create the image, so there's really no way to miss that step. In case I did not make myself clear here, previous 10.0.5 version showed no problem in this regard, other than the well known issue about TS video folders apparently not being recognized when added. Actually, I keep 10.0.5 installed in my HD, and just by ignoring that false warning I can get my DVD images properly compressed to fit a single-layer 4.3GB disc. This issue only appeared with 10.0.6 arrival.
  7. I have searched these boards looking for some notice about this issue, to no avail. Since update from 10.0.5 to 10.0.6, the fit-to-DVD feature does not work, so DVD images are not compressed to fit into a single-layer DVD. I hoped the just released 10.0.6a would fix it, but it did not. Am I the only one having these problem? Somehow, I find it odd no one else has commented on it.