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    VHS to DVD does not work

    Already I have done it, have a ticket of help opened. They do not answer.
  2. cesckim

    VHS to DVD does not work

    This version is 1.0.3 The system requeriments: support MAC OS 10.4 or superior Thank you very much for the help
  3. cesckim

    VHS to DVD does not work

    Yes, I draw the Easy VHS to DVD folder into applications folder. I have made the image capture alone for the message.
  4. Hello, I have bought roxio vhs to dvd mac and it has been installed correctly but on having started the vhs to dvd capture a message goes out for me on screen " this EyeTV version needs MAC OSX 10.4 or Superior " Image capture here http://www.hiboox.es/go/imagenes-100/captu...aadf2a.jpg.html My operating System is MAC OSX 10.4.10, Model Apple G5, CPU 2x2.3Ghz PowerPC G5, RAM 2,5GB, DVD recordable drive, Free hard drive space 167GB, USB 2.0, IMovie '08 I do not have a Eye TV in my mac. !!! You can help me?