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    Vista Error

    I'm with Beerman on this one. This thread scared me enough to not install EMC9 on a Vista Home Premium clean install. Just did the install with a bunch of caveats, and the software is working great. Well I had some DVD's to burn and Vista's DVD burning does not work worth beans (even when you set the options to finalize the DVD session), the DVD will only play on a computer and not a standalone DVD player. So I needed EMC9 for movies. Just to reinforce, the install was custom. I went through all the options in install and deselected things that Vista takes care of anyway, like the media import and media manager, backup my PC, photosuite, and plug and burn (every one of those things is a core function of Vista - you don't need them). And just like Beerman, I uninstalled Drag to Disc immediately. Oh, I'm running Windows 1 care live, so I disabled the virus and ad removal function during install. Honestly, the software runs better today than it did on XP. Know it doesn't help you with the DLA problem - but this is the first time ever that I'm actually happy with Roxio and this package. Go figure.
  2. dlebryk

    vista patch

    I just installed EMC9 today on my Vista system. I was very hesitant given all the DLA noise running around this forum. I'm very happy to report, the package works rather well. In fact, it works better than on XP (same computer just upgraded with clean Vista Premium Home install). Mind you, I did a custom install and did not install, all the media finder things, the photo pieces, DVD playing, etc., and I uninstalled Drag to Disc. So much of that stuff is already in Vista, it makes no sense to install them. And before the Vista install, EMC9 was acting up very very badly on this machine.
  3. dlebryk

    Capturing Video, best way to archive?

    You have all the right ideas on resolution and highest quality possible today. That's exactly right as ggrussell has already said. I would hedge my bets a bit more than just one hard drive back up. Once you have the files in the state you like, I would copy them to DVD. Verbatim has some highly scratch resistant blanks available, they are expensive but for your purposes probably well worth the cost. I'd even hedge my bets further - there's a $15 device to connect any old IDE hard drive as a USB2 device. I'd back up to an old hard drive you have laying around and store that also. Sorry ggrussell, but saving back to tape, wouldn't do that myself. It's another analog to digital conversion and I've already seen tape going bad within 10 years. Best of luck to you - it's all the right thing to do. Cool to see you have Hi8 tape - that was one darn good format.
  4. Let's hope you fixed this already. In case no, it sounds like something similar to what my EMC9 was doing. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=12017 Do a clean install (described here): http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=14713
  5. dlebryk

    Why install programs I don't want?

    You won't find any help in the control panel, sorry. Once the install is done the only options you have there are, EMC9, Content, Drag to Disk, and that ringtone program. That's it. When you do a custom install, you actually have a bit more control. I really can't remember if what you don't want can be unselected. Pretty sure you can opt to not install back up. But Cineplayer, think that might just be core and not selectable. By the way, Interactual player is not part of the Roxio suite. That's a piece of garbage from Warner Brothers DVD's. Sorry no advice to you now that you have the program installed. You do realize that only Drag to Disc uses any system resources at start up - right? And the hard drive use is really minimal space for those things you don't want...
  6. dlebryk

    Network error

    This sounds like this problem here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=12017 To fix it, you need to do a clean install. Sorry it sounds all wrong, but that was the only way I could fix the problem, something somewhat similar. I think EMC9 goes crazy when certain files are missing or corrupted (common with this software for some unknown reason), and the clean install is the fix. The network drive is a red herring. Clean Install Instructions here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=14713
  7. dlebryk

    Clean Install

    GGRussell - great add on those two other directories. I added them to the first posting so the directions are complete.
  8. dlebryk

    Double Layer DVD Burning Problems

    No McAfee was not the problem, thank you for the suggestion.... Did a clean install and the problem is now fixed. Still very strange that one module would get messed up, but another would be fine. Oh well, no need to really understand. The problem is fixed.
  9. dlebryk

    Clean Install

    Sometimes Clean Install is requested by support, by somebody in this forum, or because the software is just acting up. Since I've had to do this a few times, and it's not super easy to find, here's the step by step procedure. Time to cook - as little as 45 minutes, up to maximum of 2 hours. Pain level, repairing windows is worse, resetting your computer to a restore point is better. Before you start - set a restore point! Go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Click on the radio button to "Set a Restore Point." You might just need it, you never know. Original source - John from Roxio had it posted in this thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=9954 Step by Step: 1) Using Add Remove Programs from your Control Panel, remove all Roxio Programs. Likely these will be, Roxio Drag to Disk, Roxio Content, Roxio Easy Media Creator, and Xingtone Ringtone Maker. You might as well do them in alphabetical order - it doesn't matter really. Drag to Disk requires a reboot (in this step the only one you have to do). Also, don't ask why, but there is no Uninstaller routine from Roxio....go figure. After you have uninstalled all those programs: 2) Open up windows explorer and start deleting all the Roxio and Sonic directories: Delete these folders if they exsist: C:\program files\roxio c:\program files\sonic c:\program files\common files\roxio shared c:\program files\common files\sonic shared C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Roxio C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sonic C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Roxio C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Sonic C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Roxio A huge hint for you - sometimes a file won't delete. Say the first folder says some file is in use and can't be deleted. Don't worry. Open up that folder and start highlighting some of the files or subfolders. Start small and at the top of the list. Likely most of them will delete. Eventually you will find one or two files that won't delete. Simply drag those files up one folder, or if you are at a crowded next level, just create a junk folder and drag the file there. Finish deleting all the other folders listed above. Reboot the computer (second reboot in this process). Then go to that up one level folder or junk folder and delete the file. Magic, it will delete. (Thanks GGrussell - added the two Application Data Sonic deletions - I forgot that I did actually delete those during the last clean up) 3) This cookie thing is recommended, but I've never found it useful: Also remove any IE cookies with Roxio or Sonic in this folder: c:\documents and settings\username\cookies 4) This is now your tricky part - here's the statement from John: "Then use a registry cleaner to remove any entries that may refer to the removed applications." There's a really sweet program from Microsoft called "Windows Install Clean Up" that will kill any program in your add/remove program list. Just go over to Microsoft.com and search for that program, install it, run it, and remove anything Sonic or Roxio in the list. This is especially great if you got an uninstall error during step 1. Now reboot your computer one last time. Everything Roxio is now gone from your computer. You could stop there - that would be a totally clean Uninstall. 5) Reinstall Easy Media Creator 9. Some hints here - as much as I hate to admit it follow this advice: "When you reinstall disable any Anti-Malware applications (antivirus, popup blockers, and other things) during the installation process." It's a scary moment - you will be running unprotected during the install, and I hate it. But sadly there seems to be a lot of problems caused by different protection programs. Since I use McAfee, I can only describe what to stop for that program - anti-virus, anti-spam, SystemGuard, and ScriptScanning - all need to be stopped. I did not stop WinPatrol (Scotty) - he seems to be happy working with EMC installs. KEEP YOUR FIREWALL RUNNING!!! Another hint on the reinstall - pay attention to some of your settings, or programs you don't want. Don't be afraid to drop down to the custom install. I've deselected the photo stuff, and media manager thing with no effect on the software. I really hate Drag to disc, sadly you have to install that, but must go through about three menus to disable it after restart. 6) Reinstall the Content Disc if you had it originally. OK - it sounds scary, seems like a lot of work, but it actually does start you off with a totally fresh program, cleanly installed. First time around, took me 2 hours. Tonight, 45 minutes. 7) Oh, sorry, empty the trash now, once everything is running right. You never know, you might just want to restore something out of that trash bin.
  10. dlebryk


    The clean uninstall procedure is here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=12017 You really can completely remove all traces of Roxio with this procedure. The DAO problem - just enter DAO as a search term, there's an explanation there.
  11. It's all explained here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...2129&hl=dao If you don't want to read, just uninstall DAO and call it a day. It's a common error.
  12. dlebryk

    pinnacle capture card success ?

    My experience - I've used a DVC150 for quite a few years to capture analog video. Excellent results, good solid video quality good sound, and convert to DVD's very nicely. Where I got in trouble was trying to use Roxio software to edit the video (honestly, just about any video source has not worked, TiVO files, MPegs, AVI's, you name it). It's just flat out never worked well at all. I've been through two different computers with extremely different technologies, and I don't know how many version of Creator / EMC - maybe all the way back to version 6. Sync problems have always been an issue with the Roxio software. Performance has been sad. And I've wasted a ton of time trying to make it work. What has worked, sticking first with the Pinnacle software to edit the video. Then using MyDVD, or Click to DVD (Sony Vaio bundled software) to master the DVD. So to answer your question - I'd look for a video capture card you like and can afford. Use that bundle to do the editing. Then use Roxio to make your DVD with menus (that at least seems to work well). Remember your VHS-C is pretty darn low resolution to begin with. By the way, what about using a digital camcorder with Composite (yellow video cable) in to do the analog conversion? That works extremely well.
  13. dlebryk

    problem burning to mini DVD-R

    I've never had much luck with mini-CD's either - they were a great idea, but expensive, and I made more mini-coasters than I care to admit. Mini-DVD's - are you sure your drive supports them? Weird thought, if you can't burn mini-CD's, bet your drive doesn't support that size disc.
  14. dlebryk

    Double Layer DVD Burning Problems

    Wow, super quick responses - thank you! "Also, have you done a defrag of the hard drive and also a sweep with adaware and/or spybot? Video files like to be in one contiguous clump and tend to hiccup if fragmented - also any spy/malware running will slow things down" Yes in fact did all this recently - remember for the selection, Copy DVD Movies - that burning routine works perfectly for double layer. Single layer discs also work perfectly with Make Data Disc. ""When the error code is all zeros, there are many cases where the error code the drive produces is not received by the application due to an unstable connection or interference from running programs. If the problem is not solved when you try the suggested actions, get your drive checked." List of ATAPI Error codes http://www.cdr-zone.com/articles/atapi_err...des_page_1.html If you started using different DL media the time the trouble showed up, suspect the media first!" CD - thank you great pair of answers - I especially liked the ATAPI error code link - that was awesome, thank you. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the problem either, the drive itself - it works with Copy DVD Movies. Nope, not a change in media (that's so much the first possibility). "Have you installed anything else in the meantime?" Not really - but I did do a spyware / virus scan, clean results. I did a registry clean up with McAfee - but I've done those before with no bad results. There were a couple of windows updates recently - don't remember what they were. A bat file that sets internet explorer restricted domains with known adware / malware. And I ran another program to clear all the name domain servers in my registry. Hard to imagine how any of these would affect one module of Roxio.
  15. This is a confounding problem. I'm having some difficulty burning Double Layer DVD's. I've regularly used the Data Disc portion of EMC9 - that would be the very basic "Make a Data Disc" menu selection (sorry I don't know the exact subprogram name). Until recently, single layer discs and double layer both burned equally well. Now all of a sudden, single layers burn perfectly, but double layers try to start but eject the disc immediately without even doing the laser calibration, and give this error message (in details): Sense: 00 ASC: 00 ASCQ: 00 (Command 00) ------------------------------------------------------- Px.dll: PxAFS.DLL: pxdrv.dll: PxMas.dll: PxSFS.DLL: PxWave.dll: pxwma.dll: The really confounding part - if I go over to "Copy DVD Movies" no problem, I can burn a double layer disc, perfectly. Sorry the simple solution, "just use copy DVD movies" isn't a great answer for me - that burn method is way slower than the Data version. It's not my blanks or my burners - I'm using Sony Blanks in a Sony burner. The firmware is current. And the IDE controller is set to DMA and is using DMA. Any ideas?