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    Toast 17 and 18 fail to burn vids > 10GB

    Julius Cervales (Corel) Jul 30, 03:25 EDT Hello GottaRun Thank you for contacting Corel. My apologies for the delay but the issue that you contacted us about has already been directed to our engineering team to look into and hopefully get resolved in a timely fashion. The earliest a fix is possible is in a future service pack or new version. We cannot comment on a timeframe as to when will be released for the update of software. This includes both features and fixes. Thanks. Should you need anything else in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you, Julius Corel Customer Support
  2. After months of doing all sorts of loops of my Toast 17 [then Toast 18] always miscalculated filesize of my vids, I finally made the key discovery. Unlike Toast 14, 17 and now 18 will not burn vids bigger than 10GB. Under Toast 14 my vids of 11.35GB fitted in on both standard DVD-R and Blu-Ray with room to spare - See attached from a screenshot using 14. Roxio has yet to respond to my question: does Toast 17 able to burn vids bigger than 10GB? Can anyone else test that?
  3. GottaRun

    Can't burn

    Has anyone able to burn DVD or BluRay using Toast Pro 17.4 on an iMac running Mojave?
  4. GottaRun

    There is Nothing To Record

    I have the same issue. I trashed Toast17 and re-installed. No difference. I can't burn a BluRay either. In this case Pro17 reports a huge file to burn many times bigger than the source file. I'm on a Mac running Mojave. *Caution * if you completely trash Toast it all trashes for BluRay Plugin! And since I hadn't registered it I had to buy another for $9.99 plus tax. I'll check whether this now allows me to create a BluRay disk.
  5. GottaRun

    Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wukp2t9cg0eiq0/ProRes_Specs.pdf?dl=0 lets try a link to see the file. Testing.
  6. GottaRun

    Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!

    Thanks for the Disc Image tip. I pasted from a jpeg. Doesn't seem to work. Maybe pdf. I can see it on my screen but something happens to it when I press the orange Post. I don't see the option here to upload a file .. even Facebook offers that. Wow, Toast seems to have too many issues for a premier product. I had to re-adjust my ProRes settings to 48KHz because using 44.1KHz causes a noticeable audio miss-sync. Thanks again for all the quick replies. gottaRUN.
  7. GottaRun

    Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!

    hi DG, Video_TS option worked fine using Toast 12. My colleague has requested a ProRes digital file. I'm thinking I could burn that to DVD-R or Blu-Ray just fine. I'm not sure of all the Streamclip parameters. Looks like Toast uses 192kpbs for sound. Would the settings below work to burn? I will try it of course bit it's a long process to get to the Blu-Ray as the video is 1-hour long.
  8. GottaRun

    Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!

    When you use Customize button [and I don't think I would have found it otherwise] is it one-time for the disc in the burner? Or do I need to reset it with the next video? Bummer, Mpeg vid worked better as a source file but DVD-R still has skips. The audio seems ok during the skip but not sure. I'm going with the Video_TS settings as I need DVDs to give my colleague. I'll try the Blu_Ray and see how that does. Yeah, I don't why the request for Blu-Ray either. gottaRUN
  9. GottaRun

    Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!

    Thanks for the quick reply! I have to try it again. I dragged to the DVD-video screen [or maybe I double-clicked on the Title] but nothing was written to the Roxio Converted folder - it did create the folder. I went ahead and burn but the problem's still there. And where is 'Custom Encoder settings'? == other == While I have you, what's the best way to burn the VOB files to a Blu_Ray disc? Don't ask! My colleague said please. Thanks again.
  10. hi, Running Toast 12 under iMac/Mavericks source file is Video_TS I can play the VOB files flawlessly using Mpeg Streamclip. I fire up Toast 12, click to create DVD video I dropped the Video_TS folder into Toast I add the Video from the menu I edit it to move the header to bypass the color bars I press the RED burn button with a DVD-R ready to go After chugging along, Toast 12 says burn successful. I play the new DVD_R using DVD player. Problem: every do often it skips a few frames - ugh! I still have Toast 11.2 on my Mac. Same problem. Can you help?
  11. GottaRun

    Burning A Video_Ts Folder With No Menu

    I like that other option. It didn't work under Toast 11.1/Mavericks. The screen came up but most of the buttons were frozen, I downloaded 11.2 and that option works there giving me what I wanted. I also tried the other option. This time it did create a workable DVD. BUT it had a menu although it said Menus: No By Menu I mean when I press the Menu button on DVD Player a Menu pops up. One other thing doing the DVD-Video route there's no verifying of the DVD unlike the TS_Folder route does a DVD verification. Is that a preference setting? That use to be standard under prior releases of Toast. Thanks for replying again. -gottaRUN
  12. GottaRun

    Burning A Video_Ts Folder With No Menu

    Thanks tsantee but I don't understand. I apologize for not being clear. What I want as my end-product: a DVD with no menu. I've done this many times burning a QT movie. This time my source file is different. I have a folder containing Video_TS & Audio_TS folders. I can play these disc-less files using DVD player just fine. I drop the folder into Toast. Toast sees them fine and I can play the file inside Toast. I select Project 'VIDEO_TS Folders' I use Options #2 from the dropdown list as that's the only of 3 options that states 'Menus: No' I press the Burn Red Button. It goes through all the motions. BUT it didn't work. TOAST didn't create VOB files on the DVD's copy of the Video_TS files. It's a lost disc. As a test, I tried Options#1 and that works but it has a Menu which I can't have per my TV station requirements. My conclusion: Options#2 doesn't work. Does it work for others? If so, which OS, which version of TOAST. Thanks again for replying. It's much appreciated. Option2_TOAST_no VOBFilesCreated.pdf
  13. GottaRun

    Burning A Video_Ts Folder With No Menu

    i'm running toast 11.1 under Mavericks. I have a folder containing Video_TS & Audio_TS folders. I drop the folder into Toast. I want to burn but with no menu. It should play when inserted. Option 2 is the only option that says No Menu but it creates an incomplete DVD, the VOB files are missing. How do I create a menu-less DVD from a Video_TS folder? thanks for any pointers.
  14. GottaRun

    toast 9 basic v9.0.7

    when i press the red button to burn a dvd: <Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -4> when i 'save as disc image' i receive a message 'get toast titanium' on a imac os 10.6.2 source file is a small AVI file, but same thing for other vid types. what am i missing? ps when i tried to register the product it doesn't list v9, only up to version 6 lite???