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  1. Gordon

    Black Images On Tv

    My images are about 6400 X 5300. I think that they are too large as pointed out by Digital Guru.
  2. I have Creator NXT 2. I created a production having 12 slides using VideoWave. I view the production in VideoWave, and it looks good. I burned a DVD using MyDVD. On my TV set, six of the slide images do not show. They are solid black. The black images appear for the 7 seconds I allowed. How do I fix this problem?
  3. Digital Guru: I followed your instructions and found the two drivers. You solved my problem. I guess I couldn't get the installation program to work because it had already installed the drivers. Thanks for your clear instructions. Gordon
  4. I installed Creator NXT2 on my computer with Windows 8.1. I inserted the USB cord into a USB port. Then I inserted my installation disc. I didn't get the Autorun page. I clicked on Open Folders to view files. That worked and I got a list of files on the DVD. However, I don't know which program to execute to install the driver for the Video Capture USB. What do I do next? I tried to execute Setup.exe, but it behaved like the original installation program so I stopped it.
  5. I am thinking of upgrading to Roxio Creator NXT from Creator 2012. VideoWave output from Creator 2012 has defective synchronization of audio and video when the input is a MOV file produced by a Canon Powershot camera. I have this problem and postings from the Creator 2012 forum verifies my experience. The recommendation in the 2102 forum is to convert the Canon MOV file to a different format such as MP4. Can Creator NXT produce synchronized audio and video output when the input is a Canon MOV file? If so, I will upgrade to Roxio Creator NXT.
  6. I have Creator 2012, and I use Windows 7. I inserted a single MOV file in Videowave. The sound plays too fast relative to the video. Microsoft Media Player displays the file correctly. How can I fix the problem? What causes the problem?
  7. Gordon

    Label Graphics in VideoWave

    I have a *.dmsm file created in an earlier version of Easy Media Creator. I opened it in Creator 2009 VideoWave. None of the Label graphics appear. I can see the file name when I place my mouse pointer over the label. How can I get the label graphics to show. This problem reveals a potentially greater problem with Roxio products. Are they backwards compatable? If I create a project in Roxio Creator 2009, will I be able to use it in the current version five years from now?
  8. Gordon

    Importing To Photosuite By Clipboard

    Your suggestion to create a file, maybe a jpeg file, using PowerPoint is excellent. That is how I have been importing figures to PhotoSuite. However, doing it that way involves a couple extra steps. I was wondering wheter I could import directly to PhotoSuite. Particularly since a menu item, File > New > File from Clipboard exists. However, on my machine the menu iten is not usable.
  9. I want to copy a figure from Excel using the clipboard, and then edit in Photosuite. Edit> Paste and File > New > File from Clipboard are grayed out so I can't use them. How do I copy a figure from Excel to PhotoSuite?
  10. Gordon

    EMC 9 and 8 Comparison

    I am considering upgrading from EMC 8 to 9. Where can I find a list of features in EMC 9 that are not available in EMC 8?
  11. Gordon

    Move File to a New Folder

    I want to move files in an album to a new folder on my hard drive. I do not see how to do this with the album view. I can click on the folder view and move the files. However, the file no longer appears in the album. I have to physically place the file back in its original album. How does on move files in an album to a new folder and keep them in the same album? Gordon