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  1. I installed Creator NXT2 on my computer with Windows 8.1. I inserted the USB cord into a USB port. Then I inserted my installation disc. I didn't get the Autorun page. I clicked on Open Folders to view files. That worked and I got a list of files on the DVD. However, I don't know which program to execute to install the driver for the Video Capture USB. What do I do next? I tried to execute Setup.exe, but it behaved like the original installation program so I stopped it.

  2. I am thinking of upgrading to Roxio Creator NXT from Creator 2012. VideoWave output from Creator 2012 has defective synchronization of audio and video when the input is a MOV file produced by a Canon Powershot camera. I have this problem and postings from the Creator 2012 forum verifies my experience. The recommendation in the 2102 forum is to convert the Canon MOV file to a different format such as MP4. Can Creator NXT produce synchronized audio and video output when the input is a Canon MOV file? If so, I will upgrade to Roxio Creator NXT.

  3. I have a *.dmsm file created in an earlier version of Easy Media Creator. I opened it in Creator 2009 VideoWave. None of the Label graphics appear. I can see the file name when I place my mouse pointer over the label. How can I get the label graphics to show.


    This problem reveals a potentially greater problem with Roxio products. Are they backwards compatable? If I create a project in Roxio Creator 2009, will I be able to use it in the current version five years from now?

  4. What kind of Excel figure? If it is an embedded picture, copy that onto clipboard. Then open Powerpoint and paste onto a blank slide. Then save it as jpg, or gif, or png. Then open that saved file in Photosuite.



    Your suggestion to create a file, maybe a jpeg file, using PowerPoint is excellent. That is how I have been importing figures to PhotoSuite. However, doing it that way involves a couple extra steps. I was wondering wheter I could import directly to PhotoSuite. Particularly since a menu item, File > New > File from Clipboard exists. However, on my machine the menu iten is not usable.

  5. I want to move files in an album to a new folder on my hard drive. I do not see how to do this with the album view. I can click on the folder view and move the files. However, the file no longer appears in the album. I have to physically place the file back in its original album. How does on move files in an album to a new folder and keep them in the same album?