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    Error -18771

    Thanks, but unfortunately it stopped working on 10.05, and I tried saving to disk image, and it gave the same error. #$^@ it!
  2. Spacer

    Error -18771

    Have you got a link to 10.03 or .02 please?
  3. Spacer

    Error -18771

    Anyone? I just tried re-encoding the file into a .mov instead of .mp4, and it got 40% instead of 1%, but still gave the same error. Grrrrr
  4. Spacer

    Can't burn blu-ray onto DVD after upgrading

    Me as well. 10.05 mysteriously stopped working, and 10.06 is no better. #$^@ it! And I have no access to any versions earlier than 10.05 :-(
  5. Spacer

    Error -18771

    I have burnt quite a few movies on my Mac from Toast 10 to DVD in Blu-Ray format. Now, it has started giving this error. Has anyone got any ideas? I have tried saving as a disk image, but that hasn't made any difference. I have tried searching, but no-one has come up with any fixes that I could see. Thanks in advance.