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    Audio & Video Not Synched

    I didn't notice the date on the original post and I apologize for bringing a dead thread back up. As per what you've mentioned -- Most of those factors are true to a certain degree, but sometimes its the software's design that's the problem -- well, it was for me with my copy of VideoWave 4 and I've used it on a powerful computer [forgive my snideness] and honestly, I'm glad I'm using Sony VMS because I'm happy with its results.
  2. Mad Genius

    Audio & Video Not Synched

    PingPong, What version of VideoWave are you using?? I used to use MGI VideoWave 4 [before Roxio bought MGI out] and had this very same problem when rendering video segments together, and as unfortunate as this sounds, what you're experiencing is VideoWave's infamous A/V synching software bug, which is prevalent both in early and current versions of VideoWave. Because of this, I've moved on to using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Edition, which in my honest opinion does everything VideoWave SHOULD do and much, much more, and by far is more stable and easier to use. Plus, you won't have any annoying audio synching issues when working with Sony VMS 9 PE. I know this is a Roxio Support Community, but I'd recommend switching to better software that won't give you grief when putting a project together.