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  1. Two things here... please read both! If you have insight on either one, I'd love to hear it. Just a quick background-- I'm a musician, and have done a lot of recording and CD projects for myself and other musicians. iTunes really isn't designed for my needs, so please don't suggest I just burn audio CDs in iTunes! Thanks. PART 1: I have an old iMac DV400, for which I bought the Que!Fire external burner. Loved it. Still works. Came with Toast 4.1.2, which was a little clumsy at first but I was able to use it. I bought Toast 5 (w/ Jam 5) later, and LOVED the way Jam worked w/ creating audio CDs (pauses, crossfades, trimming, the awesome "disc / track preview" function etc.) However... I now have a Macbook Pro, and would like to use that software on it. I can't seem to get it to run. I can't find the original CD, but still have both Toast (v. 5.1.2) and Jam working on the old iMac. Any suggestions? I don't want to have to fire up the old iMac and juggle files to it every time I want to create a master CD. PART 2: Back then, I worked w/ Jam 5 a lot to produce a whole bunch of "master CD" files (unfortunately in .sd2f format) that I am now going back through... I can't find any software for my Macbook Pro that will work with these properly. It appears that they REQUIRE Toast 5 to open them up and break them out into single tracks to create an audio CD. When I try to use other burn programs to create a disc, they burn the sd2f file as one big track to an audio CD. No good! I've looked at a few freeware options... I'd rather just use Toast! (but... see part 1 above!) Anyone know of anything other than a new version of Toast that can handle these? Does the new v. of Toast even handle these properly anymore? Thanks!! Cheers, Dan Costello