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  1. I've been trying to make a Blu-ray of a 90 minute movie with PCM audio 16bit/48khz. Here's what the file has gone through. Started off as a fully edited (in Final Cut Pro) HDV 1080i60 movie. So that Toast presents it correctly, in FCP I go to EXPORT then save as Apple ProRes (HQ) 1920x1080. The file is then a very large one that I import into Toast and I set the bit rate at 26 mbps-the max. All the way through, my video and audio match upon viewing in Quicktime. Then comes 2 days of encoding and then burning. I go to my Blu-ray player (a second generation one-somewhat "old") with the disk I made and audio and video do not match. They are off by 10 to 20 frames probably. Now I've done a similar process with a 90 minute video, plus a few short videos (all under 2 hours together) and the disk played back fine. I've been trying to isolate the issue and I cannot figure it out. MAYBE-and I haven't tried this yet-I need to just take off the PCM audio and make it Dolby Digital 192?? This is wasting a lot of my time. I would LOVE some help with this. Some suggestions. Anything!
  2. I put an hour and 53 minute file, a half hour file and a 5 minute file-all 1920X1080 (outputted to Apple ProRes HQ quicktime file)-into Toast and after trying many times, had to lower the bit rate to 15kbps/20max (PCM 48khz/24-bit) to fit it on a Blu-ray at a total of 23gb. Problem is that the audio and video didn't match-they were a few frames off-noticeable. Theoretically all of this fit but, should I be just putting the one hour and 53 minute file on a Blu-ray at a higher bit rate like 26kbps and just making a 2nd Blu-ray for the remaining files, thus making my project's costs double with the expense of the 2 disks instead of just one? Everytime I make one of these it takes me 2 days of computer and 2 hard drives running. I desperately need an answer on this. I've been hanging out here for weeks with little help from Roxio or fellow users. Anyone have any idea what may be causing my audio and video to not match ONLY when encoded? The QT's are fine. BTW, the long file is 24-bit audio, the other 2 are 16-bit.
  3. I was just trying a Blu-ray, not Blu-ray on a DVD. But, yeah I shoot in HDV, output full raster to ProRes and drag that and intermittently, my audio and video don't match-not all the time. It's impossible to troubleshoot this and it's probably why no-one at Roxio or on this board can help me. I think there's something going on with my file somewhere along the line.
  4. Can someone help me? I made a Blu-ray and all the video and audio look and sound fine, they just don't match. Audio precedes Video by a few milliseconds/frames. The original Quicktime (Pro Res HQ) are fine and the DVD I made in iDVD is fine. Any remedy? Thoughts?
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    Render to blu ray takes many hours

    Yep, it take a really long time. I'm doing an hour long of 2 mov's on my MacBook Pro 2.4ghz (w/4GB of RAM) via mpeg 4/AVC and it takes around 2 days. Make sure you're doing a disk image not burning to disk. And after the 2 days, you often find problems that you have to fix and then wait another 2 days for!
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    Blu Ray Menu Templates

    Just pull a picture into the box and it should work. I make 1080 by 1920 Tiffs and it works great.