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    Finalizing Disc question

    Come to think of it, you could try using Drag-to-Disc for this... Be warned: Many users have had problems with D2D, so I recommend keeping a backup of anything you write to a D2D disc. The best plan would probably be to use D2D throughout the day, and then at the end of the day, finalize it, and make another CD using all of those files, and creator classic (data CD). I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that Drag-to-Disc will automatically create a CD that can be listened to in an audio CD player. I'll test it out for you, and get back to you with the results.
  2. T.O.T.G.

    200th Post :D

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Hopefully I'll get to 1000, but only if I can actually get this account working on my university computer. Right now its not looking too promising (Doesn't let me log in on any computer but this one), but anything is possible I guess . Look out for my new account if I can't get this one working. Anyways, Congrats are in order for all of you, as well, for helping out people. Keep up the good work
  3. T.O.T.G.

    run time error

    Start->Run. Type in MSConfig go to startup tab. disable RoxWatchTray restart your computer. This will prevent roxwatchtray from being started, and prevent the error. See if EMC 8 will run now . (Also, please post in the correct section)
  4. The point of creating a new user account (and making it as an admin) is to ensure that you have all permissions active. It is possible that, even for an admin, the permissions can get over-written, causing you not to have certain permissions. When you create a new user account, install the software, then delete this account, you make sure that the permissions are correct. However, because of the registry problem, i'd say theres bigger issues here... I'll have to leave it up to someone else to take it from here...
  5. Actually, i'm not sure how I got it working, but at one point in time on my PC, I COULD paste clips to my hard drive. The ability to do this was only temporary, and it went away after a while, but i'm not sure why. I had a project I was working with in MSPaint, and I had a copy of part of it in the copy buffer. I went outside of paint, and hit ctrl+c over a file to move it, and I musta screwed up or some'n because when I pasted it (ctrl+v), it pasted the partial paint picture. I managed to reproduce this with part of a notepad document as well. (By "reproduce", I mean it was accidental in that situation as well ). But when I actually want to do it, I can't seem to... Just thought I would throw that out there. There is no way that I know of to replicate this into videowave -- so just use the suggestion of removing all parts of the file you don't want, and then outputting the remainder as a video.
  6. T.O.T.G.

    rebate question

    So you would suggest that he spend 20 dollars more on the product because "many many" people couldn't get the rebate successfully? #1) Chances are the rebate is not applied for properly. #2) You are basing this off of this forum. This forum is for people who have problems. Anyone who successfully got the rebate aren't going to sign up for an account just to tell us that... Anyways, I'd place the blame of the higher price at the compuserve end, not the roxio end. Most of the time you will find stuf fis the same price no matter where you go... Shipping is only like 13 bucks, so in the end you'd save 7... Though now, I'd suggest that you just get EMC 9 (It comes to stores soon, but it is advertised as out allready in EMC 8 home)...
  7. Hmm... thats odd... were there any instances of the program running at the time? (This includes stuff like RoxWatchTray or Drag-to-Disc.) Try starting up in diagnostic mode and see if you can delete it then...
  8. T.O.T.G.


    Thats about all any magazine has . Come to think of it, throw TV, radio, and the internet in there as well... Commercials are taking over our lives -- Some music company is now offering free music if the consumer will watch a commercial before downloading... On my computer (before a reformat) I had adware galore, and it was advertising anti-adware programs... The thing that bothers me most is: The advertising works. If it didn't work, the companies wouldn't bother placing them. So for every, like, 10,000 people out there that get pissed off every time a popup occures on their computer, theres gotta be one person going "YES, I have to buy this product now"...
  9. T.O.T.G.

    200th Post :D

    Woot, this is my 200th post. Just felt like posting like this as my 200th. Because I can . Any comments on how i've been doing so far? Things anyone would like me to cut down on, or improve on, etc...? Have I been wrong too much?
  10. T.O.T.G.

    Music Disc Creator fails to Launch from DVD Music Asst.

    Allright, since it doesn't appear to be your computer (You didn't list all computer specs, so I can't rule this out 100%), lets attempt this from another direction: What are the source of the files? If you downloaded them (legally), then there could be copy protection on them -- What happens if you try to burn them using whatever program you purchased them from (I.E. if you got them from ITunes, try ITunes' burner.) How have you been testing the files? Try playing them back on your computer, as opposed to a DVD player. What extension were the files previous to burning? If you start with crap quality, you end with crap quality. What were the encoding settings? (I believe its File->Settings, or File->Project settings, or it may be in the actual burn dialogue box... I'm too lazy to look right now...) There should be a "best" option somewhere -- Use that, and make sure that you don't have too many files for the DVD disc -- Otherwise it will auto-compress them to fit. Try burning those same files to a CDR (obviously you won't be able to burn all of them. Just burn a few that came out poor), and play the CDR on your computer. See if the songs are still poor quality. Also, I can't remember if there was a way to make appendable music CDs -- This might have been EMC 7... But make sure your not doing that.
  11. To stop the RoxWatchTray one, either do a Ctrl+Alt+Del, and shut it down in the processes tab, or go to Start->Run. type in MsConfig, Startup tab, and then de-select the RoxWatchTray one. RoxWatchTray (I believe) relates to media manager, and it constantly looks around your computer for files to add to media manager. Did you try the reinstall? Be sure to remove all instances of the program -- Do an Add/Remove, then remove it from the registry, the roxio/sonic shared folders, the roxio/sonic folders in Program files, etc... I believe theres a knowledgebase article on this complete removal... Edit: It would appear the knowledgebase is currently down, but I believe there are similar instructions somewhere on this forum. Where, is a good question I'll take a look around and see if I can find you a link.
  12. T.O.T.G.

    Sound Editor/ how to access

    Theres another way to access a "light" version of sound editor. When in Music Disc Creator (Start->All Programs->Roxio EMC 8->Audio->Music Disc Creator)[Note: There is a link to the "full" sound editor in 'audio' too.], add a song, select it, and then along the top there should be an "edit audio" button. If you click on this, it will allow you to do some minor edits of the track you selected. I would suggest you use the normal version of sound editor, as it has many different features. The light version is useful if you want to make minor edits to a song before burning it.
  13. Well, to re-download it you'll need to contact roxio themselves. You can find out how to contact them here. (Look on the right -- The "Telephone" section. Contact customer service from there). They should re-enable your download as long as you have proof of purchase... When downloading, be sure to turn off any anti-spyware filters / firewalls, etc... Also make sure that when installing you turn off anti-virus software. The reason you should turn those off, is because they may prevent certain program files from being downloaded or installed correctly. You could also try just doing a repair install. This sometimes works...
  14. T.O.T.G.

    Music Disc Creator fails to Launch from DVD Music Asst.

    Did you try a repair install? When you installed, did you disable all startup items? If you do reinstall, be sure to remove the registry entries pertaining to roxio, and delete the "sonic" and "roxio" folders, and "sonic"/"roxio" "shared" folders as well. (Assuming you don't have any other sonic/roxio products on your computer). Also, posting some computer specs would be nice. There is a upgrade available -- From 800 to 805, but this is only available if you *didn't* buy the deluxe suite, and you *didn't* buy the download version. (Those two are up-to-date allready). If you don't want help, and you just want your money back... We can't give you a refund -- We are users. Contact roxio to get your refund. Asking us is like standing outside of the roxio building and asking a random person that walks by for a refund... And then telling them that you won't buy roxio products anymore...
  15. T.O.T.G.

    Application Error / Mediamanager

    Did you try any of the potential solutions posted here? (Repair install, uninstall-disable startup items-remove roxio/sonic folders-remove roxio/sonic reg entries-reinstall, reinstall in new user account) What have you tried? How did you get the program? (Download, physical copy, etc) OS Specs... You've given basically no useful info, not to mention that you posted in the wrong section... Finally, what other programs do you have that may conflict with EMC 8 (post any, no matter how small your suspicion -- This would include antivirus software...)