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  1. I burned about 450MB of MP3 onto CD-R that I cannot playback on my optical drives. I am using Sonic Record Now. The disc drive says to insert a disk into the drive. I know I burned the MP3 a couple of years ago. On the Sonic program I can click on the home icon tab and underneath the utilities section (erase disc, finalize disc and GET DRIVE AND DISC INFORMATION. The disc information shows me that I have 01 - Data Track Mode1 , Length 471.5MB(241405), which indicates that I do have data burned on the disk. Is the disc not finalized? The disc label is described as a DLA Disc under the drive name at the top of the Sonic program. When I try to finalize the disk (assuming that is the problem, I get "Please insert an appendable write-once DVD data disc or an appendable CD data disc. After hitting ok, it closes and then repeats the same process. Help, I have 1+ years of daily Podcasts that I cannot access now.