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  1. I am having the same problem as kb0uy. When I insert a blank disk it is recognized as a 80 minute cd. When I try to burn the project it keeps ejecting my disk and asking for a blank, even though it just recognized it as blank. If I switch to burn audio cd it works.
  2. I don't know if this is normal, but while converting a bunch of tapes to cd, I discovered there was an extra track at the end. It is comprised of all the tracks I just recorded. Not a big deal as I can just remove it from the project. Roxio Creator 2012 Win 7 64 Home premium
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    Label Creator Track List

    What is the maximum number of entries for track list using auto fill from disk? I have an mp3 cd that has 40 tracks on it. When I have label creator auto fill from disk it only fills in the first 20 titles. Is there a way to get more besides entering by hand. Can I create another track list box and put the rest of the entries in it?