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    Video Wave Not Responding

    I have had some other issues recently so I decided to format my C drive and reload Windows 7 Home Premium from Scratch. I installed Windows 7 Home Premium and applied all updates. Then I loaded my HP printer and Scanner software, Office 365, Adobe Photo Elements 10, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Windows Expression Web and Norton Anti-Virus. I then insure Windows and all the software I loaded was fully updated. The I installed NXT3 and tried to build and a DVD. Same Issue it gets to the Encode menus phase and the software freezes (Program Not Responding). The only way out of the program is to use Task Manager and end the task (I left it running a good 2 hours). BTW, I have tried burning directly to my DVD drive and I have tried creating an ISO. Same results both times. Then I read your post above. I turned off my Anti-Virus program and followed the steps above. - Once my system reboted I started NXT3 and selected Create DVDs; - in the Project Type window I selected DVD; - in the Menu Task window I selected Add New Movie; - selected the movie I wanted to use to create my DVD in the Import Movie from VOB window and selected the OK button; - next I modified the Title; - next I modified VIDEO_TS changing it to Play Video; - next I used the Add Text icon to add comments; - next I hit the Burn DVD button; - in the Burn Project window I checked Burn to disc and changed the Disc Label (no other changes); - next I selected the Burn botton; Everything works well until it gets to Encode Menus (about 97% complete). Then it freezes. Once it freezes the only way to close the program is with Task Manager and end task. Any help or suggestion on how I can get MyDVD to work would be greatly appreciated. Note: Anti-Virus was disabled during installation and the burn process.
  2. Owlcroft

    Video Wave Not Responding

    I am having the same issue with VideoWave15.exe. I added a movie. Then I selected the Add Slideshow option, decided not to use it and canceled the operation. Program hangs. Same issue when I try to create a submenu. BTW, I had the same issue with Creator 3. I was hopefull they would be resolvedin NXT3. My Desktop PC specs are i7, 9GB memory, 64-bit, running windows 7. Is there a fix?
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    Create Dvd With Handouts?

    Thanks, I will work with it.
  4. Owlcroft

    Create Dvd With Handouts?

    Is there a way to add handout documents, to include a menu option for them, when creating a DVD? What I want to do create DVD of a demo given in my Woodturning club. I have the video and handouts. What I want to do is create a DVD using NXT3 that includes a menu option for viewing the video and a menu option for viewing and/or downloading a PDF file I created from the Demo handout. Is this possible?? Thanks
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    Hybrid (Enhanced) DVD Creation

    What I would like to do is create a DVD that plays on a DVD player and a PC. What I want is documents available when a PC is used and Video only when it is played on a DVD player. Does Roxio have a solution for creating this type DVD? Thanks