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    Roxio my dvd 10 pro

    Ok change that to MY DVD 10 Premiere... Contact customer support? And how would you suggest I do that? Click on customer care & try to sift through their preposted questions. Finally get through to an online form that never gets answered? Have them tell me to go to web addy & put in my order # and password, when I clearly stated that I tried that & it does not work? How can a user help me? Well one that has ordered it, still has the d-load on hand and can send it to me maybe? Gee now there is a novel idea! I did not create this attitude, they did! From the looks of it, you could work for their customer support, as you have the same concept as them (talk a lot but actually say nothing). I am looking for a true "community member" as they would not have asked how can they help me, they would know what I needed (the d-load). Not a person who is trying to drive up their number of post to look cool.
  2. RoxioSUXbigtime

    Roxio my dvd 10 pro

    I have paid for My DVD 10 pro and installed a new hard drive. When I tried to redownload it, it tells me it can not find my oder. As anyone who has bought anything from roxio knows, their tech support is as useful as a condom with a hole in it. Does anyone know where I can get the d-load from (or the trial version)? I have my email with the key code and things, so not looking for a hack, just the program itself. Trust me, if it was up to me I am fine without, but my girlfriend insist that since I paid for it I might as well have it. I tried telling her what a joke the Roxio Company is and how I will never buy anything from them again (even if they offered me every program they have for a penny). She will not let up on "what is right" tho..... so pleaseeeee does anyone know where I can redownload this piece of crap?