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    problem with s-video connection

    Thanks a lot, I'll try the VCR OUT to DVD IN connection. Unfortunately, my VCR does not have any other jacks than Scart. So, another VCR is definitely an option. The tape itself is not damaged, and does not have any sound problems. In fact, the sound is coming through fine via the Roxio software/hardware. The content, however, is old, and several generations down the line. I guess that's part of the problem? Thanks again, I'll let you know what happens. Reyer
  2. suntan charlie

    problem with s-video connection

    Yep, you're right!
  3. suntan charlie

    problem with s-video connection

    I have the latest update of the Easy VHS to DVD software. The vhs-player is a Philips VR 550. I use a brand new, high quality scart to s-video cable. As I said, it works with the vhs-tapes I captured earlier with the scart-composite cable, only bad video quality. No color, and with lines. With the composite cable, the transfer was fine. With the tape in question, the composite cable produced no video ("no signal"), audio was fine. The S-Video cable gives the same "no signal" message. I checked the direction of the scart plug. Did software update on my mac, checked all the cables, restarted all hardware. I don't know what else to try. I'm hesitant to buy other video capture devices, as almost all of them get bad reviews. Thanks, all help is greatly appreciated. Reyer
  4. suntan charlie

    problem with s-video connection

    Thanks, I already did that immediately. That's when I noticed that the S-Video produced worse results than the composite cable. The S-Video is an expensive one, with gold plated contacts etc., that's why I'm surprised it gives no, and in some cases, worse results.
  5. suntan charlie

    problem with s-video connection

    Hi, I succesfully transferred a couple of VHS tapes to my computer (iMac 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, running 10.4.11), using the composite connection. With one old black & white concert video I had no succes, "no signal" kept appearing. So I figured, let's try a high end S-Video connector. Still, "no signal". Also, with the S-Video, I get worse results on other tapes, than with the composite connector. Anyone any tips on this? Thanks a lot, Reyer Amsterdam, the netherlands