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    Video Compilations

    Take a look at this thread
  2. dlflannery

    Building a DIVX dvd question

    I think you're right. I've been experimenting with DivXMediaBuilder which is a free program under rapid development. It looks promising so far. There is a thread devoted to it on the Doom9 forum. It's supposed to do menus, chapters, subtitles, multiple audio tracks, and doesn't require the video titles to all be the same resolution. There is a limit of 4GB on overall file size of the project but that is a lot of video with DivX compression, and that's most of a SL DVD too. There are DivX Ultra Certified standalone players for $70 now and they have good HD features too, e.g., Philips DVP5960.
  3. dlflannery

    Building a DIVX dvd question

    Bump.... Can anyone confirm a way to get EMC9 to put muliple pre-existing DivX files on a DVD with a simple menu, without re-encoding them? The way described earlier in this thread didn't work for me -- it insisted on re-encoding. Thanks
  4. dlflannery

    Building a DIVX dvd question

    I tried the Disc Copier/Video Compilation method instructions provided in post #8 of this thread and I have the same problem. It insists on re-encoding perfectly good DivX-compliant files. Not only is the time wasted (and quality degraded) by doing this but it also insists on increasing the size more than 2X. What I suspect is going on is this: 1. I've tried making DivX files from Mpeg2 videos 352x480, 2.7 Mbps, (TiVo) and if I use Dr. DivX and the latest DivX Codec it does a great job and produces file sizes about 35% of the original video. These are 900 Kbps DivX, 624x480 resolution, "Home Theatre" profile. 2. I tried to make DivX for the same kind of source using VideoWave and could not get any combination of settings to produce compression to 35% with a TV type resolution. For 640x480 resolution the compression was only to about 75% of original (i.e., why bother?). The only way to get more compression was to choose 320x240 output format, which is too small for TV. 3. Due to the above, I am using the files produced by Dr. DivX when I attempt to make a video compilation. I suspect Roxio is going to re-encode anything that wasn't originally encoded by Roxio or at least encoded to whatever it considers an "acceptable" format and bit rate. Anybody know how to force a DivX Video Compilation to NOT re-encode? Another problem: when I'm using Disc Copier the mouse/keyboard response becomes terrirble, several seconds response time to any input. I don't have this with other applications. Can this be normal for this application?
  5. dlflannery

    More about avoiding re-encoding of MPEG2

    @larry: 6 x 8 = 24 ?? (Your digital guru rating is in jeopardy!) How about GOP lengths? DVD compliance would force a re-encode if they aren't 18 or less. (15 or less for PAL). @Gary: What are the GOP lengths for your set top stuff? (I would assume they are 18 or less since it's already DVD.) I don't know if Video Inspector reports GOP lengths -- also does it report true average bitrate or the header (maximum) value? You can get GOP information and true average bitrate from gspot (www.videohelp.com/tools). I make 720x480, 4,000 Kbps, AC3 mpegs with gui4ffmpeg and MyDVD will not re-encode them if I select 720x480 and 4.0 Mbps. These are interlaced files and I select interlaced. Never tried leaving fit-to-disc checked as I assumed that would guarantee re-encoding. Interlace setting could be another factor in whether it re-encodes (??)
  6. dlflannery

    Building a DIVX dvd question

    Wow this thread is top heavy with Digital Gurus! I hope this really works. I'm planning to buy a DivX DVD player and a simple menu system is just what I'll want on my DVD's. The player I have in mind is a Philips DVP5960 at about $70. It's getting mostly rave reviews on several forums. It would be a good buy even without DivX capability based on its features. The DivX Converter program sold by DivX ($20 including "Pro" DivX Codec, plus another $10 if you want to use mpeg source videos) will put on a simple menu although I suspect it isn't as nice as what you get with EMC9. I've also been seeing a lot of forum talk about a free DivX authoring system (with better-than-simple menu capability) called DivXMediaBuilder. I haven't tried it and suspect the learning curve is more than for Larry's EMC9 procedure. It's nice to know I already have something I paid for that will do the job. However I may use something other than EMC9 to encode my (TiVo) mpegs into DivX. With Dr DivX I was able to compress a 900 MB mpeg2 to a 333 MB DivX at 640x480 with good playback quality. Couldn't find any combination of settings in VideoWave to give me that. I either got a lot less compression (700+ MB) with a 640x480 or I had to go to a 320x240 format, which I assume won't look good on a TV. Anyway thanks for the great instructional post, Larry.
  7. dlflannery

    Thankfulness on Thanksgiving

    Very nice, CD. Afraid my eyes got a little misty on that one..... I think I recognized a C-130 cockpit in there. I've done work on the display systems in C-130 simulators. Got to fly a simulator with motion base and displays full up for a minute or two. Dave
  8. dlflannery

    Authoring DVD - Menu problems

    I think "activate on selection" means just what you are seeing. Try unchecking that.
  9. I have audio sync problems on TiVo files that are re-encoded by MyDVD. Typically video lags audio by a fraction of a second (lips keep moving after talking stops). Some facts about the problem: 1. Is present in either standalone playback or .iso loaded in Disk Image Loader and played in PowerDVD. 2. Not present in source media when played in any software media player. 3. Not present when DVD is authored by another process. 4. Not present if source is re-encoded to D1 with AC3 sound using another program then authored (without re-encoding) in MyDVD. 5. Is present in .vob ripped by DVDDecrypter from .iso (mounted via Disk Image Loader) when played in any software media player. 6. Not present in mpeg imported via EMC9 application from MyDVD-authored DVD files , played in software player . The last two facts seem inconsistent and make me wonder if this is a codec issue, i.e., by using the Roxio application to import the .vob (to .mpg) from the DVD files, it is using the same codec used to encode the .vob and thus undoes the sync problem? If I render the .tivo source in GraphEdit, it is using CyberLink codecs (from PowerDVD installation). Does this mean these codecs are being used by MyDVD during the re-encode process? Thus do I need to change the merits so Sonic/Roxio codecs are chosen for .tivo/.mpg rendering? Or does the MyDVD re-encode use the directShow codecs at all? Is there a way to tell what codecs are used by MyDVD during re-encoding? Or is this even an issue?
  10. dlflannery

    Audio out of sync after dvd is burned

    Found out hardware rendering has nothing to do with the audio sync problem in my test clip (see earlier posts). The same video lag of around 200 ms is present when either software or hardware rendering is used in MyDVD. The re-encode time was about the same too (didn't time to the second).
  11. dlflannery

    Audio out of sync after dvd is burned

    Question: When MyDVD is re-encoding an MPEG2 (while burning to .iso file) can the DirectX capability of the graphics adapter, the hardware/software rendering setting, computer "dirtyness", etc. affect the quality of the .iso output (e.g., audio sync)? Not concerned about speed -- just quality. If the answer is yes, I assume it is because MyDVD is using the graphics adapter hardware to render in the decoding process that is part of the re-encoding. Correct? Also if the answer is yes, any such effect should be removed by forcing software rendering, correct?
  12. dlflannery

    Audio out of sync after dvd is burned

    Additional info. I created a D1 NTSC DVD compliant mpeg of the half-D1 TiVo test clip using VideoReDo and gui4ffmpeg (as described in the previous post) and authored it in MyDVD. MyDVD did NOT re-encode either video or audio (very fast in this case). The resulting DVD did NOT have the 200 msec audio sync problem. This is further evidence that the MyDVD re-encode introduced the sync problem.
  13. dlflannery

    Audio out of sync after dvd is burned

    I have an audio sync case to add to this thread: I create D1 NTSC DVD's (720x480, 4000 kbps bitrate, AC3 audio) starting with "medium" TiVo files (352x480 MPEG2, 2700 kbps, mp2 audio) I have two process paths to do this: MyDVD path: 1. Edit TiVo with VideoReDo save as .mpg or .tivo, sometimes also do a "Quick Stream Fix". 2. Input edited .mpg or .tivo to MyDVD 3. Set project settings to 720x480, 4 Mbps, Interlaced, AC3 audio 448 kbps. 4. Burn to ISO (then burn to DVD and/or view in PowerDVD). DVDStyler path: 1. Edit TiVo with VideoReDo and output as .vob or .mpg, sometimes QSF. 2. Input file to gui4ffmpeg (free encoding software from VideoHelp.com). Settings are the same as step 3 in MyDVD path. 3. Input output .mpg to DVDStyler and author to ISO. I have one test clip for which the MyDVD version video lags audio by about 200 msec, i.e., just noticeable. The problem does not exist on the DVDStyler version. Other facts: 1. The sync problem does not exist in the source files. 2. The sync problem does appear in either PowerDVD playback of the ISO or on actual standalone DVD playback. 3. If I rip the .vob files for the clip from the two .iso files, the sync problem does appear when the MyDVD version is played in a software player. 4. Using gspot, the source files are interlaced, TFF (top-field first). 5. The .mpg out of gui4ffmpeg is interlaced, TFF. 6. The .vob ripped from the DVDStyler ISO is interlaced, TFF. 7. The .vob ripped from the MyDVD ISO is interlaced but is BFF (bottom field first). I have to conclude from this that MyDVD is the cause of the audio sync problem. I have to wonder whether the reversal of interlaced field order by MyDVD might not be the source of the problem, and I wonder why it does this? BTW, I was able to correct the sync in the MyDVD ISO by introducing a compensating shift in the input file using VideoReDo. Does EMC9 provide a way to do this?
  14. dlflannery

    cineiplayer msi

    To help the forum experts, please add your equipment specs to your signature, including your video card and how much memory it has. (See other samples in forum.) One initial idea: check out the "Activation" subforum here.
  15. This *** Post *** gives a link for "off-line" activation (is this the same as "manual" activation?). Another post in the same sub-forum says if you disconnect from the internet you can force manual activation. Wouldn't a pinned post on this Codec activation thing be really nice?